App starts up showing accounts overview as default

It would be handy if you could make it so when you open the app it opens to the screen that appears when you press the menu in the top left as this shows an overview of your accounts without having to swipe through them. Is there any current way to do this?

You can’t change the default.

There is a thread for this where this was requested, have a search and add your vote.

Thank you for your reply. I did try searching but couldn’t find the post

It’s coming…

Tearing down v4.30.0 of the app revealed a feature flag in the code to do just this:

<boolean name="accounts_list_as_home_enabled" value="false" />

When/if that flag gets changed to “true” by :monzo: at the server-side, we’ll find out if it is a permanent change or if it can be selected per personal preference.



Ooo thanks for sharing this. I hope they go ahead with it, would be a nice feature!

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