API Could not authenticate with provided credentials

Hi all,

I am using the public API for a budgeting application I use personally.

I have managed to authenticate using my Monzo account but want to introduce my girlfriend’s account too so that we can sync up our collective budget. However I am unable to Exchange the authorization code for a token(https://docs.monzo.com/#acquire-an-access-token).

I receive the following response:
“error_description”:“Could not authenticate with provided credentials”,
“message”:“Could not authenticate with provided credentials”

I have double checked that I have a client for her profile on https://developers.monzo.com/apps/home. The status is NEW and the callback/redirect is identical to my client.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

If you are trying to simply get data from the api, rather than sending anything back, look at adding in your finance app to receive the data from a webhook instead?

Just to check these are two separate personal accounts you are linking up to the one finance app? Rather than a joint account?

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Hi @Dannytc yes they are two completely separate accounts.

I considered the web hook but was hoping to manually sync in bulk once a month or so.

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