Announcing Our £22m Investment Round and Crowdfunding!

Well spotted :eyes:

But that’s their mistake.

Here’s another comment from Tom confirming this -

Click the :arrow_down_small: to see what he’s agreeing with.

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Thanks, I’d like to be sure before submitting my money. Please may you get it changed?

Average investment so far has been: £503.39. Similar to the first round.

I’m sure Monzo will ask Crowdcube to change it tomorrow.

We already asked, and Crowdcube really don’t want to. It’s the difference between £65m before any of the investment came in, versus £65m + £19.75m (£84.75m) after the VC money came in. You’ll have to ask them for their reasoning, because frankly I don’t understand it.

In any case, you’re buying shares at exactly the same price as the professional investors in this round - £1.0058.


We were never going to keep everyone happy in this round. Existing investors demanded that their pre-emption right was respected. People who missed out in the last round thought that they should get first dibs. Newer customers thought that they should get the first shot because they hadn’t previously had any opportunity to invest.

A ballot on the subject even ended up split 50:50:

We chose a solution that we thought was fairest overall and minimised the amount of frustration (eg, not making people take time off work to click really fast on a website that was crashing). I think the fact that, broadly speaking, everyone is equally annoyed shows that we chose a relatively fair solution.

I hope there will be more crowdfunding in future, and we may explore ways of taking more than the €5m EU annual cap. I think it would be amazing if we could be a bank that was totally funded by our customers.


I totally understand that you can’t please everyone 100% of the time :wink: I also get the logic of people who missed out in the first round wanting dibs too.

Overall in general I think it’s been handled very well. I just hope I’m still selected and if not, not. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be? I’ll still be part of an awesome bank at the end of it either way. :slight_smile:

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I think I figured it out: I have blacklisted on my mailserver (Mailchimp: major source of spam) and it looks like Crowdcube used them to send out the emails. I’ve unblacklisted them for now and I’ve asked support if the email can be resent.

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I’m curious to find out now :slight_smile:

MailChimp isn’t actually a major source of spam, it’s a major source of newsletters you’ve opted-in to. They’re very good at ensuring that the service isn’t abused for spam and it’s easy to just click unsubscribe on anything you don’t like receiving.


Great answer! I have tried to explain this to many people :smile: but it’s simply to easy to dish the @

Any update on progress for the impatient people like me?


If you mean that you’d like to know what’s been invested so far, you can see that here.

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Sort of. Have those with pre-emption rights all had emails now?

Yes they should have -

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Yep, please drop us a PM here if you’re an existing investor who hasn’t had an e-mail yet! We’ll need the details of the e-mail address you pledged with :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t received any email myself yet but my better half has stating she can sign up to Crowdcube to invest €0. Is that a bug in the email or is there no point in her opening up a Crowdcube account?

Hey! @JohnnyC apologies for the confusion, this is bug which we’ve now rectified for subsequent e-mails. If she would like go ahead with her pledge, could you PM me her details and we’ll take a look!

The original mail to me was dropped by my mail server (blacklist issues), but were helpful and quick to send the appropriate link when I asked them.

Can’t figure out how to send a PM!