Android Updates Say Cards Will Soon Be Issues With Names

i just had to tap 2 big button buttons to confirm how the new personalized cards would work and the shipping address. i assume that the preferred name would be on there (as things usually go around there) but if not i’d be very surprised and disappointed.

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Cool, I just wondered about it since we get an option to pick what name to put on the card (preferred or full name) at the point of ordering here in the U.K.

Perhaps they haven’t got around to that and will just default to preferred?

I’ll be curious to see how the process looks once it comes to the rest of us, though I won’t be ordering yet- I’m currently in Canada, and am not keen on paying an international card replacement fee just to have my name on my card.


I tried to edit my last comment about this but it seems that function goes away after a time, so I’m just coming back to say that I just got the prompt to order a card with my name on it. Curiously, it didn’t give me the opportunity to separately specify a preferred name, so I’m assuming it’s just using what’s already on my Monzo profile. Also, the prompt only appeared on the Android version, not the iOS version (I have a Pixel as well as my iPhone and have Monzo installed on both).

I’m still in Canada, but my local post office back in the US is sending me forwarding packets every couple of weeks so it’ll just get bundled into one of those when it arrives there.

Other than that though, doesn’t seem like much is happening with the US product at the moment. Kind of disappointing, although waiting and seeing before making further moves here also has its upsides (for example, watch the local market to see how it responds to local challenger bank premium products before deciding whether to bring Plus or Premium to the US).

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