[Android] Disappearing Monzo Shortcut

**Issue: After updating to Android 10, the custom Monzo pride home screen shortcut icon will disappear upon restarting the device. This doesn’t happen when using the default icon.

**Details to reproduce: Set custom icon to pride. Create home screen shortcut. Restart device.
**OS: Android 10. Build: 00WW_4_10C_SP01. Kernel: 4.4.192-perf+ #1 Mon Jan 6 19:48:01 CST 2020. Baseband: MPSS.AT.3.1-00822_GEN_PACK-1.233914.2. Google Play System Update: 2020-01-01. Android Security Patch Level: 1 January 2020
**Device: Nokia 7 Plus, TA-1055
**App Version: 3.17.1

**Screenshots: N/A

Are you using a different launcher?

No, no special launcher, just the default one.

I’ve been getting a similar issue for about 3 weeks, also since updating to Android 10. In my case it’s the custom Investor icon, and it doesn’t require a restart, but at some point after creating the home screen shortcut it will disappear. I have not observed if there is a fixed amount of time between disappearances, or any other trigger, but it will happen at least once every 48hrs.

This only occurs with Monzo, all other app shortcuts are not affected. I will switch back to the default Monzo icon and see if this also happens with that, and the Pride one, and report back.

MiMix3 Model M1810E5A
MIUI Global 11.03 | Stable
Android version 10 QKQ1.190828.002
Android security path level 2020-02-01
Baseband AT4.0.c2.6-327-0220_1706_6435443
Kernel version 4.0.186-perf-gb0abf09
App version3.26.0

In my case I am using a custom launcher, as the Xiaomi default launcher shows all apps on the home screen by default, so this couldn’t be an issue on MIUI.

Turns out I can recreate by changing the custom icon at all. On change of the custom icon Monzo disappears from the home screen. Will leave it on the default icon for a few days to see it it stays.

Since changing back to the default icon on the 29th of Jan I haven’t had this problem. Will change it back to the custom icon and see if it happens again.

Leaving as the default icon for the last 2 days and the icon has not disappeared from my home screen. As previously stated this error would occur at least once every 48hrs before when in normal use (no restarts). This would appear to only affect custom icons for me.