Android - a 10-year visual history

This is a great comprehensive article, some of you may enjoy!

As someone that has literally used Android since Day 1, this is making me feel super nostalgic!


Great article! I don’t quite go back to day one - my first Android phone was the HTC Hero running Android 1.5 Cupcake.


Defo! I know a lot of people who jumped on board with the Hero.

I think it was available on multiple carriers, unlike the G1 which was T-Mobile only. The Hero was great. Loved the design of it.

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I had the Hero, too! My memory is of that chin and the trackball that glowed white! I loved that phone.

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I’ve still got it. Switched it on a few months ago and realised how clunky it was but at the time it was magical.

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This is such an amazing nostalgia trip


Thanks great nostalgia.

The G1 was my first and only Android phone — pretty sure I still have it somewhere! :iphone:

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My first Android was KitKat - late starter. Didn’t realise there’d been as many OSs since I joined Android though.

Android’s come a long way :grinning:

Will the Monzo app be getting its own Material Theme? :wink:

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It’s adsolutely crazy how much it’s evolved in just ten years.

I remember back in the Hero days I strongly preferred Sense to stock. Nowadays I’d move to iOS before using a skin.

The HTC Hero on T-Mobile is what switched me off Android. The device was plagued with issues where the data locked up and then no texts / calls / data could be used until you toggled airplane mode on and off. I didn’t trust Android till the start of the Nexus program. Girlfriend had the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Ice Cream Sandwich and that was a really nice setup.

I didn’t have any of the issues you’ve mentioned, always thought it was a great phone!