Allocate funds for future direct debits

I put forward the following suggestion that would solve 2 issues.

Allow users to allocate existing funds to future direct debits.

In effect automatically setting up a pot, adding the required amount and transferring it. Then using that pot to fund that direct debit.

That’s certainly the easiest way I can see it working. (Allowing the user to access the pot until the DD is taken)

I suggest this email reduce the number of failed direct debit and will lead to lower costs to both Monzo and users.


Thank you

I believe you’re looking for Bill Pots. Which is already a thing:


Wow! Thank you

Quickest feature development ever :heart_eyes:


Think you can already do this. Apologies if I’m wrong and if I am wrong you could do it by scheduling X amount to leave a pot on X bill day

An interesting feature which could be related to this is allocate it and it is deducted from your account (and held by Monzo until payment day). Would stop some people dipping into direct debit pots.

What happens when somebody gets in touch and demands the money back before the direct debit gets paid because they need to get their heating fixed/car repaired/buy food/etc?

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Then you have to contact COps a la locked pots 1.0.

The rise in COps contacts, although they will still be small, will mean a button will be implemented to automatically do it, much to my annoyance and defeating the point :grin: .

Probably not going to be implemented then :rofl:

If the solution is that you want to pay the money on pay day then I guess you can either:

  • set the direct debit date to the day after;
  • make manual payments by card.


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Sorry, this is a terrible idea.

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Thank you for the feedback.

I’m not a fan of the idea either. Locked pots was cancelled for the huge strain it put on CS so I can’t see them considering similar again.

I also think there’s a line that needs to be drawn about taking responsibility for your own actions and where software is supposed to aid in that. Sure it’s a barrier but there are already plenty of those available now, so do we really need another?

If you really can’t stop yourself spending money you shouldn’t, don’t forget that Monzo have the vulnerable customers team to help.

It’s an idea though. Others might see value in it so let’s see what happens :blush: