Airtime Rewards


I think we’re going to have to just agree to disagree on this topic. Maybe we should go back to focusing on improving Monzo etc.


Hmmmm you seem to be using the US mobile companies as a example. Any UK examples which would be just a little bit more relevant since we are in the UK.

I’m using US examples just because they are the only ones of large-scale privacy violations for now, but I have little reason to believe that UK will be any different - we just don’t know it yet (just like nobody in the US knew that their carrier was selling their location data for years). There is no such thing as US greed or UK greed. There is just greed. :wink:

Honestly, the location data fiasco even surprised me at first, and I thought it was just bad reporting and in reality it was a security breach or something. But no, they wilfully sold real-time location data of all their users to a marketing company. Unbelievable.

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That’s a fair point well made. In any case I’m on contract so this free top up deal is useless for me.

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The app credits your bill if you’re on contract.


Interesting…What networks can be used with the offer?

Vodafone, EE, Three, O2 and GiffGaff

Looks like it… I mean why wouldn’t they opt into getting juicy transaction data at a bargain price? :joy:

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Ha ha ha ha ha :grin:

They also work on pay-as-you go too, on pretty much every network! I’ve saved £10 last month just from shopping in Waitrose! deffo recommend. Figured out they’re adding new retailers pretty regularly too

they now have Caffe Nero, Argos and Boots on the app which is amazing!

Hi I used it at boots… But don’t forget to refer a friend to get extra credit… I’ve been using it now since oct18 and sent £13.97. with over £5 pending confirmation… it’s free so why wouldn’t you.
H x

Has anyone any experience of ?

You register your card with them and gain 5% cash back to use against your mobile phone bill?


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I guess I just wanted to see if others had any problems. I’m a little cautious over giving third parties my card details.

yeah I love the app! they only need your card details so they can track your purchases at the shops they have on their app

I’ve just redeemed another £5 - and they’ve got pizza express and wilko which helps me a lot

never had any issues and the customer service is really quick too

Does anyone has any idea how does airtime rewards make money ? What’s their revenue model ? and what is the incentive for the retailers to give discounts ?

Reading their T&Cs it looks like they act as a middleman between yourself and participating retailers. As with most other “free” services, what is usually being bought and sold is you --in this case your transaction data. If people know what you like, they can make you buy more.

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They can try. :man_shrugging:


I’ve trialled the service and the £42 in cashback I earned has matured. Just waiting to see if and when the £20 I sent to my phone bill on the 19th June appears…

Someone’s been over doing it on the conspiraloon websites