Advanced scheduling for standing orders and pot transfers

Would be great if we could schedule standing orders and pot transfers in more precise ways in the same way we can change the day the summary resets. For example I’d like my savings to go into their pots on the first weekday of each month when I get my paycheque. Apologies if we can do this and I’ve just missed it!

it already can be done when you create a pot there’s the option on the bottom to create schedule payments into the pot

It would be an interesting addition but it’s always hard to tell how much use that sort of Uber-flexibility would get. But one thing is sure, e’ll never know until someone builds it.

You can set automatic scheduled payments, yes, but you can only set them to start on a particular date and to repeat at certain intervals. Unless it’s hidden somewhere really obscure, having something more specific like the first or last weekday of the month isn’t currently possible.