Accounting for tax pot transfers

The tax pot feature is great. So is the integration with Xero.

However, when importing transactions into Xero, the automatic tax pot transfers show up and are counted as a transaction! This seems pretty silly, as the money isn’t actually being transferred anywhere (by my understanding) - it’s not actually leaving the bank account, just going into a pot.

I’m also not sure how I would account for these transactions in Xero either - which category to put them in, etc. Anyone have any ideas?

My suggestion here would be to update the integration so that automatic tax pot transfers aren’t imported into Xero, or if that’s not possible, to provide clear advice as to how to account for them.

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Create a Monzo pot account in Xero and use the transfer tab in Xero to reconcile the movement to pot?

Yep, I’d treat this as another bank account on the balance sheet. Although clearly naming it so it’s identified as such, e.g. “Monzo Business Current” then “Monzo Business Current - Tax Pot”. The balance sheet then reconciles to the total bank balance

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I came here to comment on the opposite happening. It’s not showing up as a transaction in Xero for us and we’re pretty sure we’d like it to.

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