AA Savings and Top Cashback

If you have a Top Cashback account you can earn an easy £15.15 by opening an AA Savings Easy Saver account @ 1.43% with a minimum deposit of just £100. :smile: or £15.75 if a paid member of TCB.

One of the best current rates, which does include a 12 month bonus, deposits and withdrawals have to be made to/from a single linked account, and accepted my Monzo account with no drama (unlike my attempt via Starling :thinking:)

My application tracked very quickly with Top Cashback and just need to wait for the cashback to be deposited at some future date (est 8 weeks).

Initial deposit has to be made from your linked account within 28 days and the account will be closed if the balance dips below £100.

For those who just want a quick earner, providing the cashback to TCB appears without incident, that’s a 15.15% return for a minimum £100 deposit. Worth the effort in my book as it all adds up.

And, of course, this exercise has no impact on your credit rating (unlike cashback credit cards) as it is a savings account :smile:

For your consideration and whether you think it’s worth the effort.

Remember though, as with all cashback sites, the cashback is not always guaranteed, however, I have only ever had one declined, and that was from Very after a loophole meant I could not claim the TCB cashback as well as their introductory bonus (which was far superior anyway).

:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

Original source for me: MoneySavingExpert forum where you can see others thoughts on this offer/product.

AA Savings is backed by Bank of Ireland, same bank behind Post Office savings.

Easy Saver AER: 1.43% including a Bonus of 1.23% fixed for 12 months from account opening Member Saver AER: 1.44%

To access your account online you need to wait up to five working days for a security code via post.

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Quidco will price match :slight_smile:

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I use QuidCo now and then but seems a faff for £15. I’m bet they have :crossed_fingers: people will forget after the year and rolls into the measly 0.20%. :rofl:

No faff.

Had £100 sitting in Monzo pot earning nothing, nada, zilch, that is required in October, so turning a £15 profit for ten minutes work is ok by me.

When I withdraw the cash in October, the balance will be zero, so account will be closed by AA/BOI automatically, so end date for bonus is irrelevant for me :wink:

Aldermore have the same offer via TCB apparently, however, requiring a minimum of £1,000 to open would be a faff for me.