A big update to connected accounts


Also, great update!


Great update really impressed thanks.

Great update! But when’s Sainsbury’s Bank going to be added :weary:


This could get me to switch back to Monzo and pay for Plus.

I have Honor 10 smartphone with Android 10.

Latest 2 Monzo app updates did not solve the problem.
I did add Revolut accounts on, but only account balances are shown, no transactions, no other info :neutral_face:

I did re-connect it a few times, but no changes, just limited info from connected Revolut account

This is an amazing update - thank you :pray:t2:

Favourite update in ages and can’t wait to see what this brings in future - will make such a difference for me personally.

Only thing I’d say is going back through the last three months and recategorising absolutely churned through my battery life - phone got very hot and the flow became quite laggy (iPhone 12 Pro).

Also, called this a couple of weeks ago :wink:


Hello Team,

I think I made a mistake by uploading my Nigeria passport instead of my Biometric Residence Permit due to oversight.

Why do I do?

Hello! We’re all just customers here so can’t help unfortunately. You can try to contact Monzo by calling them (but not sure if you’ll get through as phone support isn’t their main focus). You can also just wait until your application is reviewed – not sure how it works but I think they should ask for alternative ID if the one you provided isn’t acceptable to them

Edit: why was this flagged as spam?

It is not an advertisement, nor is it something that is overly promotional in nature. It’s not fully relevant to the topic but it’s useful as this is where help was sought.

Was I mistaken for my (now banned) evil twin? Or do we just have an army of trolls flooding the forums this BH?



I think we need to take a day off until something effective can be figured out against the evil clones

Probably the trolls reporting the real accounts or if someone on here thought you was the troll by accident - Do posts get removed with a single vote? I’ll of thought you needed multiple

I’d hope people would recognise me by now!

You need multiple reports but judging by the number of Anon profiles cropping up, I think unfortunately some think admins don’t have anything better to do on Easter Sunday than play whack-a-mole


Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a group of kids or something to do with that discord

I believe your proof of ID and proof of address are treated separately if needed, so your passport will act as a proof of ID.

Monzo attempt to verify your address automatically via electronic verification (basically using credit reference agencies and some other automated checks) so they may be able to also verify your address without any further documents.

As has already been said, they will get back to you if they either can’t accept your ID or if you need to provide additional ID or proof of address. They may need to do this if they are unable to verify you through automated checks.

This will be through the Monzo app so just keep an eye on that and look out for a notification. If you need to get in touch with them you can also email or call (details on the Monzo website).

This is really handy, although I’m sad to see the new categories (Income, Transfers and Savings) aren’t available on my normal account on top of the connected accounts… Still, definitely very handy to see!

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Hey everyone :wave: , thanks for all your feedback so far! Any further thoughts or reflections on the changes now we’re a week on :blush: ?

(I hear you on the unified summary/feed, bringing the income/transfer/savings categories to normal monzo, and more providers!)


Am trying to think of anything else constructive but think those are the main things for me really!

Only thing to say is I hope the universal feed would let me choose which accounts to show. Maybe I never want to see a certain CC as it’s just balance transfer being paid down, or my other current account which basically sits at the same balance forever apart from a couple DDs.

Auto-pot filling up linked to credit card balance is on your radar too I’m sure.

Maybe not quite within the remit of the Q, and probably solved by a universal feed, but would love to rearrange external accounts above my joint.


Hey @richardcadman - this caused me to sign up to Plus (:+1::+1:) and loving it so far.

The main thing that I’ve spotted is there seems to be a slight inconsistency in the formatting of the connected accounts feed versus the main account feed. For example, the icons look a little bit larger and transaction amounts appear to be a bolder font (assuming all feeds should have a unified look).

Connected Account:

Current Account:

Otherwise, loving having everything in one place - it’s great!

(I’m on iOS 14.4.2; iPhone 12 mini; v3.75.0).


Yeah 100%! For transparency, some things we’re still thinking about with this one are:

:one: The time delay between the monthly repayment coming out of Monzo, and showing up on your other account:

  • For that period of time you’d have less in the pot than the balance on your other card, so we need some rules about what to do here
  • For starters, every bank behaves slightly differently which makes this difficult, and we can only background refresh your account 4 times a day
  • Then, if you made a transaction in this period, it’s not a case of “matching” the balance on your other account (as the repayment isn’t reflected, so we’d put more money into the pot than is needed)

:two: Not for V1, but not everyone wants to pays off their entire balance in full (and so don’t need to put the full amount aside), how do we handle that?

And then all the nice edge cases and error states, like not having enough money to move into the pot.

We love the idea, and I really want to build it. As we’ve been building this latest stuff we’ve learned more about how to make it work, and fixed some of the data quality, so we’re getting closer to it being a possibility!


Great spot! We basically re-built the feed so that’s why it looks slightly different (and why it took us a while!) :grimacing: .

It sets us up well to continuously improve this feature though! And I’ll feed back the styling differences to the team.