A big update to connected accounts

We’ve heard you’re enjoying the connected accounts experience, but that it’s been missing some important functionality. We built Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium with a focus on visibility and control of your money, so it’s been a core focus of ours this year to improve this feature for you.

So if you love categorising your Monzo transactions into their correct category (where they belong), you’ll be pleased to know that you can now do the same with the transactions from your other accounts :tada:

That’s not all though. We’ve also added a bunch of other improvements to the connected accounts experience:

  1. :bar_chart: We’ve added a summary to each account so you can see your total spend, how your spending breaks down, and go back through previous months.

  2. :clock1: You can now see pending transactions easier (other banks work a bit differently to Monzo) so there’s no nasty surprises when a transaction comes in.

  3. :hourglass: You’ll be able to see your full transaction history (or as much as your bank shares with Monzo up to 3 years), not just the last 90 days.

  4. :moneybag: We’ve added income, transfers and savings; three new categories that are excluded from your summary so you can see exactly how much you’re really spending each month.

:information_source: You’ll need to be on at least version 3.75.0 and reconnect your external account to see these changes

Let us know what you think, and just for something fun, send us your favourite custom category you’ve been using lately.


OMG!!! :hot_face:

(Literally typing this because it won’t let me post the above on account of ‘not being a complete sentence’)


Full sentences please Alex! :wink:


Okay, real sentence time :grimacing:

Do I have to do something to make this work? Am I being too keen?

Everything still looking the same for me (on latest TestFlight build).


Relatedly, @Peter_G recently included (Character limit) in a message to me (that otherwise just contained emoji) and it took me a while to work out what he meant :stuck_out_tongue:


Yh not there for me on TestFlight either

You’ll need to reconnect your other account. We’ll edit Tom’s message to make this clearer!

Plus/Premium tab → Other accounts, in Monzo → Choose your account…


Ah yes that worked! Great Work!


Have updated my post to make this clearer!


This is great to see, and a huge tick on my list of things I need before I consider moving back to Monzo full time!

Is there a chance of having manual accounts at some point?


Does this include Amex? Sounds like a really good update and may convince me to get Plus.


Yes, first card i tried reconnecting!


Yep :+1:


Oooh lovely stuff! I’ll go and have a play with it then. Thanks Tom


Awesome :slightly_smiling_face: just need to get Tesco Bank added to the list now :wink:


Absolutely haha!

As far as I understand, Tesco Bank has been “in staff testing” for year(s) now?

@tomdavies are you able to share if it’s likely to ever happen? Or if there’s some blocker/issue?


Working great here!

Pleased to see continuing development on Connect Accounts!

This is such a great improvement.

Some obviously very initial thoughts.

Would really love to see a unified feed and summary next (which I guess would be able to just exclude anything marked as transfers so as not to mess it up). I think any unified summary would also include unified budgeting to be fully useful.

The summary screen for connected accounts is just beautiful. It doesn’t include budgeting, which I think would be necessary for anything unified, but I am loving how clean it is. I also like that you get the number of transactions under each category.

Also, the month picker for going through summary on connected accounts. Wow. I’ve always found the standard one so clunky and difficult to use. I think this should be rolled out to everything tbh?

Overall super impressed with this, and really glad to see progress being made here!

EDIT: one last thing! Would love to be able to re-order my connected accounts above my joint! And ngl…I know this is more complicated in terms of parent/child, but to be able to freely reorder pots as well, so I could have Monzo > Amex > fav pot > Barclaycard > some other pots > First Direct…that would be great.


Thanks Alex. Some good ideas in here, appreciate your feedback! Keep your eyes peeled :eyes:


I don’t really use my connected account for this to be of benefit to me but it’s a very nice update to it all for those that do use it.

Good work team!