A big update to connected accounts

I feel like that feature was made for you. How many accounts do you have…? :sweat_smile:


I guess I’m a “heavy user” :rofl: just 9 connected accounts in Monzo and 1 not …

I use Xero to fetch from the bank account for the building using open banking and they changed how they do renewals around a year ago

I got an email and a notification that I needed to do one more full renewal and then from that point onwards every ninety days I only need to let them - Xero, not the bank - know via a button push that I want it to be renewed and there is no more going to that bank to approve again

I wonder if that is what is happening here too

I think you are right as when I login to my connected accounts using their own apps the open banking connection dates haven’t been updated and expiry dates say “until cancelled” or words to that effect.

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Anyone else having issues with connecting Barclays accounts? Had the expiry notification (though doubt it’s been 90 days) and keep getting the ‘we’ve hit a problem’ screen once I grant access in the Barclays app.

This, coupled with things never consistently refreshing on command, really is getting tiresome - the functionality is great, when it works!

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This might have been a problem at Barclays — we were having problems importing transactions from Barclays into Xero for the last couple of days.

Does anyone know if transactions that happen on connected accounts are supposed to remember their allocated categories?

I have a bunch of standing orders that occur on my FD account on a monthly basis, and each moth they appear in my connected account as Bills; and each moth I change their categories to reflect the nature of the transaction, some being savings, others transfers.

I have to do this every month despite the transactions being the same each month, same payee, same reference, etc… it feels like Monzo should be applying the categories I have used previously rather than calling them all bills…

Mine used to save when I had Plus.

But things would sometimes break/change when a transaction went from pending to settled.

Any update on Virgin Credit Cards? I swear I check for it every time I open Monzo haha!


I guess this is probably dead now. For those of us with Virgin Atlantic cards, they’ll either become Nationwide or VA will choose another provider.

Why would it be dead? Can’t see anything has changed for Virgin CCs.

Virgin IT is terrible at the best of times, but now they’re being bought, i would expect all projects that don’t directly affect the bottom line being stopped.

The last update was that Virgin had fixed the issue and it was awaiting rollout to production. So it would be a shame if that doesn’t now happen! (I am also checking the “add account” screen almost every day)

I guess my own 90 days came around for the first time today since it was introduced as I got the same

A very good improvement and it does seem to be along the same lines as I mentioned above for Xero

Great stuff

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Zopa please…

Every few days I’m having to re-confirm access to my John Lewis credit card account. This takes me to the JL app to allow access. Does anyone else see this? My Tesco one isn’t doing this so no idea if it’s an issue on the JL side or Monzo side.

Hi @_lewis seems like there’s been a change at NatWest for pending transactions are now showing as ‘unknown transaction’ even though you click into it, there’s a note on who the merchant is. Plus I can change the caterory before it clears. After it’s cleared the correct merchant details replace it. Is this the expected behaviour now for NatWest pending transactions? If it is I find it a bit weird.

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I’ve had this for a few weeks now and assumed Monzo would have picked up such a change in behaviour as part of some automated, continual testing / validation process…

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My Amex said this yesterday but it’s updated properly this morning/over night.

Amex too, I wonder if it’s a Monzo change rather than at the connected bank end :thinking: