2nd Users on Business Accounts

Can someone clarify that to have a second user on a Monzo Business account, that second person needs to have a personal Monzo account ?

I find this extremely strange…and quite intrusive, my accounts are handled remotely (outwith the UK) therefore this person can not open a personal account (and should not have to in my opinion).

I find it incredible how a Business account can only rely on the ‘account holder’ to make transactions, this just does not pass ‘the common sense’ test. Or have I got this wrong!!!

Anyone you want to add needs to have a personal Monzo account, have activated their debit card and have ‘Payments with Friends’ turned on :couple:

But how does that work with a remote book keeper (overseas) who can not open an account…???

It doesn’t work. You cannot have a remote bookkeeper overseas and have them added to your Monzo Business account.


This is just crazy !!

A fintech bank that does not facilitate remote working.


Ocean Cleaning


That’s on you to hire people locally, who are eligible for UK financial products to then be applied to your UK business bank account.

This does not make sense…my bookkeeper is retired and lives overseas. Worked and owns property in UK, which is irrelevant. Looks like time to find a new bank, who can keep up with current trends. Thank you for your comment

What do you mean, keep up with current trends?

It’s not a trend, it’s a policy Monzo has in place.

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I really don’t see the point of adding an accountant to the business account. Mine sees the accounts and will have a bank statement as part of that, but all additional users on the business account can make payments. Why would I want my accountant to have access to do that?

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Thank you for your response. Our question was about a person who does not have a monzo account (Lives overseas) having full access to our business account to pay things.

I’d say just send your accountant monthly pdf bank statements. I’m not sure why an accountant would want full banking access to your account if all they do is taxes etc.

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Thank you for your response. This is not for an accountant this is for a member of staff who lives overseas but looks after all the finances of the business, paying staff, invoices, reconciling and controlling accounts. It would appear that we need to seek another bank that can accommodate this remote worker.

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