You now only need £10 to open a Monzo Savings Pot


What is the difference between an Easy Access and Easy Access ISA?
Some provide the same 1.15% AER? Which one should I go for?

Easy access is a normal savings account and easy access isa is an isa account

Depends how much you want to keep and for how long

Even with a lower APR there might be tax advantages in the longer run for going with an ISA

Quick question surrounding withdrawals from savings pots at the weekend.

Is it still 24hrs? Or next working day? E.g:

Fri withdrawal… money in account sat?
Sat withdrawal… money in account sun?


Fri withdrawal… money in account mon?

Hi - i withdrew on Friday and it arrived on Monday.

Next working day, if you withdraw on friday, money will arrive monday.

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Thanks guys!

Is this a staged roll-out as I don’t have this option yet, still says minimum needed is £500.

Edit: Ah, I was misreading the top option in the app, all good.


Can i clarify why this wait is there? From my understanding (could be/probably am wrong) with the partner banks the money is held in one larger account rather than in personal accounts in the monzo users name with the bank?

If that was the case could this not be handled in a similar way to incoming bacs payments. Monzo knows its coming the next banking day so couldnt they release the money a day earlier?

If you’re already a Monzo Plus customer you’ll earn the 1.5% interest until your subscription expires or you change your subscription to one of the other packages.

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Would it be possibly to update the ISA info in all the relevant places to make this explicitly clear? As it’s been a bit confusing on the wording for a while.

Skipton for example are completely unambiguous about it

I also agree with @o99 comments, there are no terms and conditions given before opening a isa pot, and none of the screens when opening a pot give clear info on the terms, help doesn’t mention flexible ISAs either. I actually can’t even find the page you’ve shown in your post, where is it located?