Wording is wrong when filing a scam report

Issue: Wording is wrong when writing in the “Write a detailed explanation of the scam”.

Details to reproduce: Start writing until word limit shows.
OS: Android
Device: Google Pixel 6 Pro
App Version: 5.43.0


Unless I’m confused, it’s asking you for further clarity on the type of scam, what happened, when, who, how, why did you send it, what made you think it was genuine.


Could you claify what you think is wrong with the wording? It looks reasonable to me.

They want the explanation of the scam

  • the lower bound for what you enter is more than “a few words”
  • the upper bound is less than “1000 characters”

I get that they’re in different units of measure, but both seem like reasonable limits.

The confusing part is the “Not enough information, please write more than a few words” in the message. The “max 1,000 characters” is accurate.

The message shows up when I’ve reached the maximum character limit. It shouldn’t say there is not enough information if the person has reached the maximum limit?