Who's your credit card provider? (Version 2 - new and improved!)


Right, replaced, unlocked and sorted out - hopefully!

Everyone vote again (sorry) :ballot_box:

(Jami Welch) #22

Thanks for setting this up - interested to see how much this lines up with the DDs we see on the platform.

Of course not everyone pays their credit cards off with Monzo, yet… :wink:


Did you look at manual payments (by FPS or Debit Card), or just the direct debits? I always pay my credit cards manually.

(Nick) #24

I’m one of those at the moment. But if I could see my credit cards inside the Monzo app, I’d be more likely to switch. And if I could have a committed pot where I could put aside the payments and not have to manually empty it before paying, that would probably seal the deal :wink:

(Jami Welch) #25

So far just DD and card payments - it’s a little messier/more work to dig into FPS data.

(Michael) #26

I do. But not via DD


I’m surprised, seeing as there appears to be a seemingly wealthy background of people using this site, that Coutts isn’t on the list…:joy:

(Nick) #29

Can’t figure out how to amend my vote. I’ve just had a terrible experience with MBNA and signed up for an Amazon (Newday) credit card instead.

Went to pay my MBNA bill and wasn’t allowed to log in to the site because they ‘no longer allow passwords with special characters’. This retrograde step mades me furiously, not least because this follows a few months after not being able to simply pay through the Android app because they turned off the ability to do so (apparently due to some undisclosed security reason).

So, straw that broke the camel’s back, etc. They can get stuffed. I’ll take my business elsewhere.

Has anyone else hit these problems with MBNA or is it just me who uses Android and has (had) a secure password?


Is this likely because of Lloyds moving all MBNA cards to their Lloyds/HBOS central system?


TSB under ‘Other’.


I’ve been stung with this on the website too - but the iOS app still allows me to log in :man_shrugging:

I pay mine off via Faster Payments anyway.

(Caspar) #33

Missing out TSB, I got a Platinum card from them years ago without any warning, when I was quite young. I immediately bought my very first Mac. I still have it but rarely use it (the card, not the Mac, that’s been replaced several times since! Best purchase I ever made.)