Who invests in the Stock Market?

(Jordan) #21

Ah I see, I’ve never seen any clear message that a S&S LISA and a S&S ISA were classed differently for tax purposes - great for me in that case!

(#savetheseabass) #22

They do like to make it confusing :grin:

This is from AJ Bell, a broker who does both just so you have proper confirmation other than a random woman on the internet

(Jordan) #23

I think it is because the LISA is a fairly newish product (as against Cash and S&S) so not many people have done the digging I suppose? - either way again I’m currently unlikely to actually make enough to warrant a S&S ISA anyway - will likely open one up after I’ve bought my first home)

TBH I’d still take you word for it :joy::joy: if the tax man came sniffing I’d give you up straight away! :joy::joy:


It would be great to have a thread on here (or even a meetup) to share tips…

(Tom Halloran) #25

Even just a little glossary of terms would be helpful - so many acronyms around this subject, LISA, ISA, HTB ISA etc…

(Richard) #26

Maybe a feature for the next Monzo newsletter?

Or maybe someone with the know how is willing to start a Wiki on here?


Small summary of acronyms

  • ISA = Individual Savings Account
  • LISA = Lifetime Individual Savings Account
  • HTB ISA = Help to Buy Individual Savings Account
  • IFISA = Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account
  • S&S ISA = Stocks and Shares Individual Savings Account


Love this idea

(NM) #29

Personally I wouldn’t touch any volatile due to Brexit ( I’m not your average investor I have mostly bonds)


Sadly I think that’s all been priced into my portfolio in recent months! Bit of a bloodbath, but I’ll be back. Think I may have broken a few of my golden rules on a few things…expensive mistakes, particularly on Apple and nVidia. Also was planning to sell Patisserie Valerie the night before they got suspended in October! Cant get much more unlucky than that…

(NM) #31

Yeah I think the stock market at the moment is so volatile at the moment with Brexit and just general consumer issues that I think it’s needs to either cool or crash before it’s stable. nVidia is unfortunate as I think everyone was predicting strong results with Ray tracing and the rtx but it just hasn’t happened. I’ve been following the news on blizzard and Activision and ouch it’s dramatic.


The other crazy one is Fever Tree. I made some great gains last year but ended up losing them all. Eventually sold out. It’s been up and down 15% just this week!

(NM) #33

I think it’s just consumer volatility, due to their market maybe not being as resilient as they thought to recession and other things