What makes you excited about Monzo Business Accounts?

:wave: Hello Business Community! Happy Friday :partying_face:

Yesterday, Tom wrote a blog post about Monzo in 2020. The thing I’m most excited about is launching our Business Accounts to more businesses and really making banking as easy as possible for small businesses across the UK! We’ve been working hard over the last year with a small group of business users to make sure the account does just that. We have some small tweaks left, but we’re almost there! :crossed_fingers:

I know many of you have been on our waiting list for a while – thank you for your patience! :pray: But, I hope it will be worth the wait! :smiley:

So, I wanted to start off the year with a question…

What makes you most excited about Monzo Business Accounts? Why did you join the wait list?


The best thing that I want is clarity. Monzo has been alot more clear on the direction they are going (in comparison to other banks). That is why I joined the waitlist


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