What does Monzo premium / value add mean to you?

(Splodf) #61

I’ve never got the fascination with premium accounts. I’d much sooner see Monzo add more features to the current account (and fix the features we currently have) then chase vanity projects.

(Simon B) #62

Unfortunately no matter how many features we add, some people won’t switch because they already have a premium account with another bank that offers them at least one feature they like (such as phone or travel insurance).

You could argue to them at this point that we offer so many features for free that it makes up for that. But, that then requires the person to do a bit of mental gymnastics, because they feel like they are paying for a service that they appreciate. Cognitive dissonance? Perhaps. But in that specific instance, the only way we could get that customer is by offering the same option - let’s say insurance. And we obviously can’t do that for free.

(Tai) #63

Hello all. This is my first post. It’s great to be here. :blush:
Absolutely agree with @simonb I work for an airline and travel worldwide. What attracted me to Monzo initially was the ability to withdraw cash abroad with little or no fee. I have the FlexPlus and Credit card to boot for my spending abroad.
I have yet to take the plunge and move fully to Monzo. A lot of my colleagues are now also hold Monzo accounts.

I would most definitely be inclined to keep all my banking in-house with Monzo should they offer products in line with FlexPlus.

(Simon Hunter) #64

Agree with quite a few others. The nationwide premium flexplus account is what I pay for and would happily switch it over the Monzo.

Travel insurance, mobile phone insurance, good interest rate, faster/better support, free overdraft. In that order of priority.



I like the idea of a pick and mix offering with the option of 1 person and family options.

Although I imagine why FlexPlus is so competitive is because they’re bundling things together.

(Charlie Kelly) #66

Please don’t bother with Metal cards. There is no point.

(Michael) #67

If this thread proves nothing else it is that the range of views on this and other points is so widely varied as to be arguably irreconcilable!

(Emma (still not the app)) #68

Except, bizarrely, some people want them :woman_shrugging:

(Charlie Kelly) #69

I absolutely see the appeal of having a metal card and as much as I’d like one, it doesn’t give me (or anyone) any real advantage over a plastic card! I’m using Google Pay for pretty much everything anyway, so it’s a bit of a gimmick for me.

(Jonathon) #70

I like metal cards. It’s aesthetics but this is completely normal in every way. We all have different styles of clothing, phones, computers, glasses, even blooming USB drives and the likes. We all say how cool the Monzo cards look, and how we like/dislike other bank and credit card company’s cards… none of which ultimately matter in the usage of them.

And yet - wanting a metal card is seen as silly, random, odd, bizarre. Why? How is it any different to liking the look of any other bank card (including Monzo)?

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #71

Different folks, different strokes, I guess. Speaking only for myself, I don’t like the look of any bank card. To me, they are purely functional objects.

(Jonathon) #72

Not saying that you don’t - but plenty do comment on them and it’s fairly easy to find thread after thread on here from people complimenting how the Monzo card looks. Even people who now are saying “Why a metal card?” -erm… exactly the same reason that you like the Monzo card - the look.

I don’t particularly care about how my t-shirts look. I’d be fine with one colour forever - but I wouldn’t exactly say NO to someone who said “actually I would quite like a different colour/design” - it doesn’t affect me.


Are you sure the bank insurance actually covers work based travel?

(Jonathon) #74

Most of the time it won’t, but then you usually have a separate work travel insurance. If the company isn’t providing one that’s terrible!


They make amazing ninja throwing stars!


If your going to do any premium… Make it quality premium…

Travel insurance… Proper insurance, for the items you carry, missed planes, etc not just 500 quid etc…
Travel Insurance 2… Health / acident cover…
Make it so its multi trip 90 day cover not some penny pinching 30 day max.

Phone insurance… Any registered phone replacement cost. Not like my N26 where its only if you bought it on the card.

PriorityPass / Loungekey…

(Richard) #77

The Flexplus insurance is pretty comprehensive and has specific business cover included. I’ll probably keep my Nationwide account for the benefits when we move everything else to Monzo.

(Splodf) #78

I think this is all doable.

£100 a month sound good?

(Tai) #79

Oh I’ve never tried to! The airline covers from the moment I check in until moment I check out.


Would be high but would expect 40 - 60 depending on how the insurances work out in detail… For sure 20 - 30 in travel, Maybe 10 in mobile and 15 - 20 for lounge, but would hope packaging them makes it bundled. Low end insurance is not worth buying IMO.

Also anyone putting in >100k or 200k gets free… I currently get loungekey free (used to have priority pass but no longer with that bank) from Santander bad / low level insurance is on my N26 etc etc…

I certainly dont think it would be free… But those are the perks that other banks offer me… Or higher end credit cards.

If your asking for what premium features, those ones are the ones I see other premium offerings giving.