What does Monzo premium / value add mean to you?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #225

Woo :tada: thanks @luba for following up with that delayed payment :grin:

First time I’ve had a feed item for an incoming payment :heart_eyes: wish I was paid via BACS instead of FPS :see_no_evil:

(Michael) #226

100% with you personally on that point

There’s been strong support in this and other threads from commenters both inside and outside of Monzo for ensuring that premium offers are just that - optional add-ons rather than features that would make money work for everyone that are hid by a paywall

Hopefully that will bear out

(Charlie Kelly) #227

100% to disposable virtual cards and decent insurance.

Metal is not a genuinely useful feature, however!

(Tony Hoyle) #228

Virtual cards definately, but I’ve always thought they should be a core part of banking anyway.

(Chris C) #229

For me I’d need the premium benefits to match up to my current Halifax account which I pay for.

Mobile Phone Insurance
Travel Insurance
Breakdown Cover
Interest Free Overdraft up to £300

I’d love cashback features built in like curve have, that would be great. I currently use Top Cashback but would be great to have it done automatically through the monzo app.

Not very important but the metal card from N26 is something else, would love one of those.

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(Splodf) #230

I think this is a cracking feature and could be a revenue spinner. I’d happily share my cut with Monzo if it took away the messing about with Quidco etc.

(Yan) #231

I’ve just been looking for a premium account, a metal card is great, although financially it doesn’t mean anything, I’d pay something for it.
actual feature-wise, higher free foreign ATM withdrawal, travel insurance, are top of my list.
I am impressed by how Three the mobile network partners with so many companies through Wuntu, including Easyjet upgrade, some partnerships like that will be very good.

(Sajid Sabir) #232

If Monzo wants to standout from the many premium accounts on offer which all offer the below then it must provide additional features which may make it appealing to customers.

Common features with high street premium bank accounts:

  • Travel insurance
  • Mobile phone insurance
  • Breakdown cover
  • Interest free overdraft to a set limit

Additional features to consider:

  • Cashback on purchases with selected retailers/corporate partners
  • Increased 30 days overseas ATM withdrawal limit without charge
  • Corporate partnerships offers e.g. upgrades or offers on cinema tickets, flights, hotels, restaurants (FYI Tail is rubbish for customers living outside of Central London)
  • Customised cards
  • Preferential rates on loans or Stocks and Shares ISA management fee
  • Preferential rates on international payments/transfers
(MikeF) #233

Offering more features means charging a higher price. There’s a balance to be had here.

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seems a lot of people want a lot from monzo premium service however what do you expect to pay for these extras? I’m curious… I’m more interested in add on service because I’ll use mobile and breakdown service more than any other


Looking at the recent Android beta, the text here implies to me that it’ll be a (small?) core charge then users will be able to select add-ons:

This is what @nexusmaniac found in the Android Tear Downs and Deep Dive thread:

<string name="premium_subscription_intro_body">You can now get these exclusive add-ons for just %s a month, with the option to pay more for extras like travel insurance.</string>
<string name="premium_subscription_intro_title">"Get even more from
your Monzo experience"</string>
<string name="premium_subscription_intro_toolbar_title">Monzo Plus</string>

If the code extract is difficult to read, here’s the relevant bit pulled out:

You can now get these exclusive add-ons for just %s a month, with the option to pay more for extras like travel insurance.

The %s is a variable which means that Monzo can change it without having to change the text in the app. It also means they can hide it from @nexusmaniac until they’re ready to launch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Max Genoni) #236

So I have had a package account with HSBC for a while now but hate the app and would really like to transfer my banking but the benefits of the package give too much value so am stuck.
I would suggest the following features and would be quite happy to pay a fair price for them:

  • comprehensive travel insurance
  • mobile phone insurance
  • increased free free cash withdrawal

If there was a big differentiator I would say LoungeKey like N26 is providing now would really tip the balance.

(Andy Roberts) #237

High Street bank premium accounts are usually dreadful - a poorly disguised illusion of value. The insurance, as many people have noted, is often really rubbish (you get what you pay for) and many of the products are often stuff people have already covered better elsewhere.

I tend to agree with some of the people on here (having only really skimmed the thread) that introducing a premium account is a VERY high st bank thing to do and feels very un-Monzo. But if it is to happen, for the love of god I hope it’s not just a selection of crummy insurance products like everyone in this thread seems to want (although I suspect they don’t even want that particularly - it’s just they can’t think of anything different).

(Greg) #238

Metal card pls

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(Ex-Starling Guru) #239

A serious chunk of change monthly though, eh?


I had mine 2 months when my flight got cancelled on holiday. They sent me the money for the hotel and the return plain ticket. It was really fast - less than a week. I’m wouldn’t ever go without.

(Robert Goacher) #241

Nationwide FlexPlus is definitely the one to beat. My wife and I have just switched our personal accounts to Monzo but we won’t be moving our joint FlexPlus account over yet. It’s mainly the breakdown cover and the travel insurance that we like, and I can’t seem to find anywhere to get both for £13 a month with the same generous terms.

(MikeF) #242

I don’t think we’re talking in terms of ‘beating’ anything at this point. It’s more about finding a combination that will be good enough to interest people.

(Splodf) #243

For definite, this is a good way to think about new Monzo features.

Go in with low expectations that could be bettered rather then high expectations that are unachievable!

(Bruce) #244

Changed my mind! I just want a blue card! Sign me up ! Hehe