We're working on a new look for the Monzo app

Sorry, I meant users who are new to the new navigation (new Monzo users included).

It seems less intuitive to have Spent Today to the right of “Today” and then the end-of-day account balance for all the other days.

I would like to be able to see the end-of-day account balance somewhere though.

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I was thinking just having the balance animate to replace the “Current Account” label when the card is fully hidden - and the value changing by day…

Nice! That looks clean.
I don’t see this yet on mine after a Force Stop so I guess it’a a new (beta) version - 2.57.x or 2.58.0?

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I like having the left to spend summary at the top of the transactions now, but don’t find the bar very helpful without knowing where I should be. The colour obviously tells you if you go beyond a threshold but can we not have the day of the month marker as a thin line too as with summary so you can compare? If that was there then I’d rarely need to go to summary other than to look at categories and recategorise on the odd occasion.

I think that might be a perk of being a Monzonaut: early access and staff builds…

(Runs off to consult Monzo.com/careers :eyes:)


iOS 2.56.0 defect:

The summary button (top right) should be disabled when looking at accounts that don’t have a summary. It’s enabled when looking at my Halifax credit card and clicking it shows the summary for my joint account… I assume because that was the account immediately to the left of it in the swipe order.

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I don’t see this on Android - only ‘proper’ cards (Personal/Joint Account) in-focus show the Summary icon. Pots/Connected-Credit-Cards in-focus don’t show the Summary icon. Maybe a iOS/Android parity issue :man_shrugging:

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I’ve noticed a times new roman font in a lot of my apps on the iOS 13 beta, not just Monzo :eyes:

Really hate it. Why change it? More complicated and worse UX on android. Seriously considering closing my account.

Can we have “spent today”? [quote=“tbutz, post:4, topic:65333”]
spent today

I have it on Android (in the feed for each day)


Me too. And a screenshot of iOS posted earlier in the thread shows it in the feed too, but that was showing the very latest version.

@georgecollard - are you using version 2.57.00 (test flight) or an earlier version?

If earlier, the ‘Spent today’ won’t be displayed.

I’m on Android 2.56 and no spent today (or any day)

You’ll need to install Monzo beta, version 2.57.0

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Welcome :slight_smile: !

It’s not 100% finished yet and you can switch back to the old layout.

What are you not liking about it anyway ? (Apart from “bad UX” like what part of it?)

It’s a bit a bit harsh and a bit of a rash decision to say you’ll close your account for something that isn’t out yet fully imo, giving it a bit of time to see how it changes and also to see if you actually like it)

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Woke up this morning, opened my Monzo as I usually do and it told me to force close the app because of updates. Did this and was hit in the face by an ugly looking home page that lacks any of the sleekness the previous version had.

I’ve managed to find the features I used on a regular basis but I just don’t understand why Monzo fixed something that was definitely not broken. Maybe it will grow on me, maybe they’ll update it again to make it aesthetically pleasing, who knows.

Oh right, how do you change back?

It is a bit rash, you’re right, but the simplicity and UX of the app is the only reason for using it over my big bank current account.

Having used the new nav since the initial inception I’m loving the way it’s evolved and is loads better than the first release.

There’s a few bits and bobs that would improve the current state of it which are small but would polish it off in my opinion:

  1. Make left to spend clickable so that takes you to summary
  2. If 1 is done, replace the pie chart with the settings cog
  3. Put a little notch in left to spend too show how many days you’ve left
  4. Bring back the goal line for pots so you can see your progress
  5. Make it so when you press back in the app from a pot that you go to your current account rather than exiting the app
  6. When on a pot, make the Monzo card peeking out clickable so it takes you to your main transaction feed
  7. And something not that big but I find really jarring is that the spent today figure has a £ sign whereas transactions don’t!

Just tap on your photo. Then the little heat icon that’s settings.

Then go to labs and toggle it off (:

All great suggestions