Welcome Letter Clarity

It does not appear that an account can be set up on an IPad, yet the welcome letter just says to “download the Monzo app from the App Store”…should specify that this must be done on a smart phone.

Plus, the app is not named, a general search did not return the app, so I logged into Monzo.com and used the link at the bottom of the help page.

Suggest writing the welcome letter so it is more intuitive to a user not yet familiar with Monzo…give the letter to a brand new employee and see if they can follow it with no help!

On to complete my account setup…i’m Excited

Hey Chris,

Completely agree, that does seem a little counter intuitive. But glad to see you’ve managed to join :smiley:

This isn’t Monzo’s fault it’s the way Apple categorise on the App Store for iPad.

When you search for Monzo, I believe there will be a filter option at the top saying ‘iPad only’, you’d just need to change this to ‘iPhone only’ and it should appear.

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