✅ Weekly budgeting feature

I’d also find a weekly budget very helpful. I’m self-employed, and I signed up to Monzo to help me control how much I spend day-to-day. I’m paying myself every week, but I didn’t realise Monzo wouldn’t let me budget that way.

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I get paid weekly, and this is the only thing that’s letting Monzo down for me at the moment :pensive:

It can’t be that hard to implement, can it?

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Any update from Monzo on this at all? It’s been something that’s been requested for a while.

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I think budgeting or the Payments tab is being tackled after the new nav, so there might be an update on which budgeting are being considered when the new nav is rolled out to everyone in the next month or so.

@bruno any insight on this? Or is it a different team?

Nobody is working on this right now. Until someone is working on it, we’re not :slight_smile:


That’s disappointing :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll pop back on this thread in a couple of months and see what’s what!

Yes. It can.

When you say weekly, do you mean on the same day every week? or 52 times a year?

When do you want to start using this new weekly budgeting feature, pay day to pay day, or do you want the option to set that yourself (I’d go with Monday to Monday personally but I get paid every Friday…).

Are all your bills weekly too, or do you have monthly bills? If so, do you want the monthly budget to be equivalent to 4 weeks of your weekly pay, or to use the exact number [DAY OF WEEK YOU GET PAID] to calculate it as it’ll change between 4 and 5 week months (and lets not forget February).

Will you always be paid weekly, or may it change in the future if you change jobs (so you may want to go to monthly budgeting options? at that point, when do you want monthly budgeting to kick in? the 1st of the next month, or the 1st payday of the next month?

And so on… and that’s just the functionality. Then the UI needs to be intuitive and work (and take into account those pesky monthly budget people), and it needs to be tested and trialled and tweaked.

This is all just my own guesswork though, I don’t work for Monzo…

No, it’s not that hard to implement.

You would have the calendar as your source of truth and have the options as drop downs. Each drop down item (I.e. bills monthly or weekly) would have the associated algorithms to calculate this across the year (this doesn’t change, even if u picked a specific day each week over a 52 week choice, a year is a year regardless) Any conflict in the algorithms would simply throw and error to the user, forcing the user to correctly input a possible scenario for a year.

The real challenge in implementing this would be the dependencies it would require to work with the rest of the app. That i cannot comment on.

Still sounds hard to implement.

What happens on leap years? What type of things could cause a conflict in the algorithm, and what set of scenarios would be allowed to cater for those?

I understand the logic of weekly working (I do it already right now) and yes the happy path, straightforward functionality is simple enough to imagine. But the software can’t just be happy path, is my point. there are many variables.

Even in your example ‘simply throw an error to the user’ needs to be carefully thought through to make sure it is clear and obvious and has all the options needed for the user to resolve the ‘error’ without confusing them.

Monzo is pretty good at this stuff on the whole so I’m sure they can find a solution if they worked on it but it is not straightforward to implement. No software is, is my point.

Leap years are included in the calendar. It would be the same as any smartphone can scroll as many years ahead as they can.

And the conflicts I mentioned was in response to your mention of the need to be able to cater to every users financial routine.

for example a user couldn’t specify he gets paid once a week but gets 54 paydays a year.

Of course the error wouldn’t simply state “error” you can tailor them to explain what the error is. They are actually a really good way to educate a user base.

Calendars and predictive algorithms are nothing new.

As i said, the real challenge would be integrating it with the rest of the apps capabilities.

By the looks of the thread they’re only in the requirements gathering stage anyway.

As someone who gets paid weekly and will more than likely continue to do so when I go freelance, this is something that would really help me out with my budgeting. Not currently having this as an option is the only negative thing I’ve found so far on Monzo!


I use Monzo as an incidental spending account and transfer an amount in every Friday to cover my weekend and morning coffees for the week. It would be nice if it didn’t tell me today (4th of the month) that it looks like I will run out of money before the end of the month. I will be putting more money in the account in just a few days.

Even better would be regular deposit recognition so that Monzo automatically recognises regular deposits and learns to expect them.


Weekly budgeting is really something I would like to see implemented! It would be super useful for me as a student as I operate on a week-to-week basis!


I would really love to see this as well. The app Spendee does it, and it’s a great feature. I’ve moved away from Spendee because it doesn’t have other key features I like, but I’d be thrilled if Monzo implemented it. Doesn’t seem like it would be too complicated either - but we’ll see!

Just to add on this even though I know it’s old. I have just started using Monzo. I love it, but would love to be able to do my budgets weekly. I break all my food shopping, personal care, home budget etc down into weekly, so this would be really useful for me.

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You can already set your summary to reset every week

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Thank you for replying. How exactly do I do that? I felt like I went through every inch of the app to find out and couldn’t see it.
I can reset the day of my payday but that’s all I’ve found.
Kind regards

I have a couple of screenshots from the iOS version. Hopefully they make sense :stuck_out_tongue: