We’re Building Monzo into a Marketplace

The most important thing here for me, is the extent to which Monzo demand partner companies share their values. If there is any shady companies in there, it’s a big loss for me. However, Monzo is probably one of the few companies at the moment that I would trust to pull this off in a manner that really is best for the customer.

I would also love to see some element of the Monzo community being able to weigh in, rate, review, vote on what the best providers are. For example, if a lot of Monzo users find a certain insurance company are particular good, fair and open, they should be able to shout about it to other users.


I read the Starling quote saying they “won’t be pushy”. That could mean they won’t use notifications (if that’s the specific point you’re sad about) but it’s far from clear that’s that what it means. It all depends on whether a one-off notification is interpreted as “pushy”. YMMV.

Monzo have said from the start that this side of life will very much be “opt-in” (or maybe opt-out on first exposure) so, if we hold them to that, you should still get the experience you want.


I am not sure Monzo have specifically said that there will be an option to completely opt-out of all marketplace offers. Again it remains to be seen how Monzo are going to implement this only then we can make an informed judgement. I am going to wait and see but a bit like @podgib I have a lot of reservations.

From memory, I’ve seen it stated four or five times on the forum. If I get time, I’ll have a look for them - I’ll either be right or embarrassingly wrong. :cold_sweat:

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one of the very first posts by head of marketing talking about the bulb offering -

“We sent the offer via a feed item as that was the easiest way to send to people rather than creating a separate section of the app … but the long-term plan will probably be to have a separate section of the app for offers like this (although we may still use the feed to surface them, depending on the feedback we get) - we’ll see how it evolves! If you find this spammy and don’t want to receive future offers, there’s an easy way in the flow today to opt out of future offers.”

lets just wait and see whats on offer before we all start saying I don’t want this I don’t want that - Im leaving Monzo because of what people that use Monzo are speculating on as a service won’t suit me , and it hasn’t even arrived yet , but Im off … patience :slight_smile: then criticise :slight_smile:


also this post about terms and conditions - its been discussed quite a bit before about opt outs if it doesnt suit you

and one more - which is actually worth reading more when considering what Monzo are trying to do here , wait and see what the offer is , do you want to receive these offers ? , will these offers benefit me financially ? :slight_smile: - nope, don’t like “spam”, not what I signed up for , I just want free FX :slight_smile: Im off :slight_smile:

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Some of those T&C are a bit woolly:

“If we make changes to it that are clearly in your favour, we’ll tell you once they’ve been made. Otherwise we will give you two months’ notice.”

Also as currently set-up, the bit you cite exists within the T&C for the pre-paid account but does not appear in V2.0 of the current account T&C (which is very very brief)

Now I suspect that everything that applies to the pre-paid card should apply to the current account but as currently set up I’m not sure that’s clear and Monzo might want to reorganise that page before it causes them legal problems.

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Hoping that you will use the power on this online community to see what products and brands we all use or would like to use.

If you could say to a company ‘we have a few hundred thousand people that would by your travel insurance/credit card/mortgage product if you did xyz’ - that’s powerful.

Make it easy to switch energy suppliers and save money-grubbing fantastic. Use Monzo to enter in meter readings and tell you when it’s cheaper to switch energy suppliers? Wow- that’s disruptive. All sorts of potential using the power of you customer base and platform as leverage.

:wave:t3: I’m the Product Manager on the Partnerships team. I’ll try and address some of the concerns I’ve read in the comments - please shout if in any way I didn’t fully respond!

:100: I think it’ll be key for us to keep the same level of transparency as we’ve always had. Moreover, given the marketplace will involve building partnerships with 3rd parties, we’ll make sure that whoever we partner with is fully aligned with our values - that’s going to be key to build successful partnerships!

It’s worth bearing in mind that tests are very different from the type of customer journeys we have in mind for all these products. The Bulb test was very much a “Switch to Bulb, save money and get £x to switch”. That does sound like an ad that Bulb would put in the tube. However, what we can do (and what Phil mentioned in the post) is that we can create new journeys from relevant places in the app. For example, “Switch energy provider” could be in the Transaction Details screen of your energy direct debit. In our view, this feels much more like a relevant place to help you “manage your finances” rather than the feed.

I totally see your points and I partially agree with it. However, you can argue that if we did that it would be like building a small moneysupermarket.com in the Monzo app. That feels like it could easily fall in the trap of being an “offers dump”. I don’t see these as “offers” but rather new products that you can access through Monzo. We want to help you manage your financial life like a ninja and any product we add to our offering, whether through partnerships or built internally, needs to feel like relevant. Again, we might be completely wrong and we’ll do as much user testing / community outreach as we can to validate our hypothesis. We’ll definitely start with small scale tests across the product lines and iterate on them based on your feedback.

You should 100% be able to opt-out from any unsolicited offerings from Monzo. Just like you can opt out from marketing emails, if you wish to.


So just for clarity if a user opts-out for all the offers etc… They will not see anything on the transection detail screen either?

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This I like :sunglasses:



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This is an interesting point. I don’t think we’d hide it in that case. Just like you wouldn’t be able to opt-out of an “Apply for an overdraft” button even if you’re not interested in an overdraft. What you should be able to opt-out of is being the recipient of targeted offers or new products, as in this case they are unsolicited. Does that sound sensible?

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Makes sense to me - you might want to opt in later on if you change your mind?

About the insurance part I hope monzo introduce packages like nationwide and Halifax do for a monthly fee rather then just offering ‘10% off travel insurance if you buy through monzo’ etc


Thanks, @valerio but Overdraft and 3rd party offers are just completely separate things IMO. This is not a good logical comparison.
Overdraft will be offered by Monzo it’s not like you would offer a loan option with-in app from a 3rd party. If overdraft is like a 3rd party loan then yes you can compare other 3rd party ‘money saving’ offers.

You are right and it’s a perfectly valid argument but what I am concerned is that even if I had opted out of seeing offers there will still be offers on my transaction details (at least that’s what I understand from @valerio’s post) So for example I am with Bulb at the moment and if I go to bulb DD details in-app there could be an offer from Monzo saying you could save by switching to Tube Light

Hmmm. I read it as a ‘Switch Energy Provider’ button may be in the details screen that would take you to an offer if you were interested enough to press it. That is much closer to the ‘Overdraft’ analogy.

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Yes, I might be reading too much into this. We just have to wait and see and I am willing to wait for at least a year for Monzo to have more stuff in place and polish current features. I just wouldn’t want to see names and logos from 3rd parties anywhere in-app if I had opted-out but a button/link/tab to say like “Switch Energy supplier” I am fine with that.