Waldo, Smol and other practical subscription services

That sort of thing goes in the same bracket as Smol to me. Unless it’s dramatically cheaper, I’ll just buy it with my weekly shop.

As with smol it’s more about the ethics behind the brand for me. Leaping bunny products matter to me and they are few and far between. Smol just barely works as a subscription for my use, though I would prefer to buy them with the rest of my groceries.

Pura is not something I see myself subscribing too, but I got the trial anyway to see what it’s like as their credentials trump my usual baby wipes. Again, I would prefer to be able to buy things like this in a super market or from Amazon.

Received my first shipment of the new Smol Fabric Conditioner today, haven’t tried it yet but smells lovely.


First I’ve heard of that. Must order some :+1: