Visiting Paris, are the transactions instant?

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We’re visiting Paris soon and was wondering does payment transactions instantly appear on the app?
Also if anyone has had experiences of using their card at flee markets etc/ independent dealers…

Cheers, Jason

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Notifications are usually instant as long as you have internet and the transaction is done online rather than offline.

This thread might help you out: 🇫🇷 Monzo in France [Discussion]

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There is a topic discussing using Monzo in France here:

There is also a wiki full of common questions in regards to using your Monzo card in France that may help too, here:


I don’t know about transactions in Paris but I do know there is only a single public toilet IN THE WHOLE OF PARIS!!

(It’s near the Eiffel Tower)

You’ve been warned …


Works exactly as in London (in terms of speed, acceptance, etc). Take care to hold some cash on you though, not all merchants accept transactions smaller than €10

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Transactions should appear instantly, but be aware that the amount shown is subject to change within a few days.

It usually only by a few pennies, and can be either in your benefit or not, so if you are running your account at close to zero, it might be something you need to be aware of.

Have a good trip!