Virtual 'Savings' Accounts

I’m not sure that this is somewhere where Monzo will try to differentiate itself, as the focus is on the current account as their product…in which case, the interest rate (if there is one) would be low & you’d want to sweep your money out of your Monzo account as quickly as possible too!

This is another area where easy access to other provider’s services (like Moneybox), through their integrations, would be more beneficial for Monzo users than relying on a Monzo solution because Monzo users can choose the best solution for them, from a competitive marketplace.

The conclusion that I’ve drawn from this comment from Hugo -

is that the savings accounts might not actually be separate accounts, with dedicated account numbers etc.

They could just be a virtual balance, associated with a particular category which users can assign money to. When they spend that money, the saving account’s balance will reduce & maybe the targets could take into account that it was money that was saved from previous months so it shouldn’t necessarily count against the current month’s spend (as big purchases from savings would burn through large portions of user’s monthly targets which were set up for ‘normal’ spend). But I could be totally wrong :slight_smile: