Using monzo in Mexico

I’m traveling to Mexico (playa del carmen) in September. I’ve read that people are struggling to use monzo whilst there. Is this still true or have problems been resolved?

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Had zero issues when using my card in Mexico two years ago.

I used my main and joint account in mexico at Christmas without any hassle, not many transactions but a couple of bars and an ATM.
It was a large town/city rather than somewhere more off grid,

Was there a charge to withdraw at the atm. I know monzo don’t charge but Ive heard the Mexican banks put on a charge…

I don’t think so in this case, the only withdrawal i made was only for £19.65 from an HSBC ATM, but it actually doesn’t show any more detail than that and i don’t really remember what i withdrew in peso.
It doesn’t seem like i was over charged, but we were only in the country for 2 days so only limited experience i’m afraid.


I am also going to Mexico and its great to hear that I can use my Monzo card out there to get cash out and get the best exchange rate possible. I was actually going to get a Revolut card to do this.

I read somewhere that the limit is £200 every 30 days. Is this correct?

If so, can you still use the card to make purchases? Or is £200 the total limit for those 30 days?

Any other advise for people using their Monzo cards in Mexico?

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The limit applies to ATM withdrawals only (you can still withdraw more but will be charged a fee). Card purchases in shops are not limited :slight_smile:

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Just to be clear, you can still take money out for ATM after the initial £200?

You just get charged a fee?

Would this still be cheaper that using my Barclays bank card or my Barclays Credit card?

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Was in mexico in Tulum (bit further down than playa) and had no issues with the card. However, everywhere in tulum only took cash, and you can’t take money out on the beach strip in tulum (unless you want to start seeing charges from malaysia). So had to get a taxi into tulum town, get a load of cash, then taxi back. Only issue there was with the limit of what i could take out over a period of 24 hours.

Yes that’s right. There is a 3% fee applied after the £200 limit. The currency conversion isn’t marked up so could still be cheaper than other options.

More info here:

Currently in Mexico now and Monzo card has been declined at OXXO which is their version of 7/11 convenience stores. It a shame as those stores are very popular and useful. ATMs seem fine though. My Nationwide debit card worked fine in the OXXO.

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