Updates via the App

Here is a nice little suggestion to get the updates out there as I know banks like Natwest have just started doing it with their app. Whenever they have an announcement such as downtime or a new feature like Touch ID they show it to you when you open the app and a button to continue to your accounts. This is a great way to send out announcements to everyone that has the apps and you can even make it send a notification to the phone if it’s something really big to get people’s attention.

Downtime gets shown along the very top of the app when there is an issue. New features and existing feature highlights already appear in the feed as you use the app.

I agree showing new features when you open the app is a great thing. Not sure what downtime you mean as most banks aim for 100 % availability. Not sure if you remember when HSBC went down earlier this year. Now that was a disaster

What im mainly talking about is planned maintenance and news. For the little tips in between the transactions, they are tips and small features thats all, not really updates.

What im trying to say is in the next update they push it should be more like this is what we dis in this update go check it out. Even things like hey we just released what our new name is going to be :smile: go check it out.

That kinda stuff

I’m fairly sure planned maintenance can also show up in that place, however, theoretically there should be no need for planned maintenance as Mondo is built on modern technology with an aim for 100%* uptime.
(*As close to as physically and humanly possible)

As for updates vs. tips, they are the same thing in my mind. The Search and Touch ID ones can show up both to new users as they explore the service and to existing users when an update is pushed out, so they can appear in response to an update. As for the name change, I do think that needs a feed entry with an explanation screen when the app itself changes to reflect the new name to prevent confusion from people who don’t read the community or marketing.

I personally dislike screens like the ones you’re describe, normally when I’m using a banking app, there is something I want to do. Nearly every time I’ll blow past a “what’s new” screen to get to what I wanted to do and miss out on that information. By putting it in the feed, I can see it at the time but go back and read it when I’m just opening the app at home to casually review my spending.


In my opinion everything needs planned maintenance, its the easiest way to push out server upgrades or even patch a huge hole in the system (most likely never will)

Now with updates yeah all the new things could be in the feed but i dont want to hunt through the feed to find out whats new in that version. I just want to know from the start so i can not waste time going through my feed and reading things I already know.

Mondo’s architecture makes downtime unnecessary in almost all circumstances. Certainly there would never be a situation where more than a couple of services were down at once. As such, this should be a non-issue.

That being said, if it did become necessary for some reason, they would be sure to keep us well informed.

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Totally agree.

I also blow straight past those screens to get to what I was doing in the first place and forget about them.

I tend to find those screens are also used to advertise a new card or service from the bank, and so find them rather irritating.

As well as the screens that @RichardR highlighted, we also have a new ‘Update’ banner for when we have big updates :slight_smile: You’ll see it at the bottom if we activate it

Oh yes! Completely forgot about that banner. Serves the same purpose while being completely unobtrusive. Call me old fashioned but I just read the release notes in the App Store or TestFlight. :wink:

Ah i didnt know about that one, im a new user so i dont know everything about mondo yet :wink: