Update to Credit Reference Agency reporting 📣

Still can’t see it on mine😅

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Also how far back will the data go?

I imagine it’s indefinitely/to when you joined or from the day it gets reported

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My guess is it will be that your account opening date will be accurately reported but “payment data” (overdraft usage) will only start from once Monzo start reporting - so October 2021.


I actually don’t know for sure but i’m pretty sure it’s this (except we actually started reporting ~3 months ago but Equifax needed 3 months of data before they were happy to “go live”)


Interesting, I suppose that was for them to validate and check that everything was being reported accurately?

So data will most likely be from around the start of August or end of July?

Yup and yup :slight_smile:


Cool, my ClearScore report is also now showing a pending change (new account from Monzo) so it won’t be long until I’m able to see for myself!


4 months history on mine


What does Flex show up as :thinking:

I can see my current account and my loan, but nothing relating to Flex as yet. I only got it a couple of weeks ago, so maybe the data wasn’t there to send yet.

Great news, just seen mine is now pending for my next report!

Personally, I had hoped that my full payment history from when I opened the account would be sent. I have a few months with no history reported on ClearScore because the only account I had at the time was Monzo.

However, I appreciate sharing retrospective data probably would contradict pervious terms and conditions Monzo had then. It’s still great just to know the account will help build my credit score going forward.


Mine is showing pending for my report for November however for some reason have a different account for October and only have one account so checking with Monzo. As showing I have two accounts open and only one matches my Monzo account number.

So mine has appeared as last four months too. But, I’ve had my Monzo for 3 years now. Anyways it’s still very good to have this data supplied to Equifax


Mines just got added and it made my score drop by 47 😮‍💨

Scores are made up to draw you in, to make you believe they are something that need to be worked on. Don’t focus on the numbers, focus on have your paid everything on time. It’s everything which shows in order and correct.

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My Monzo being added didn’t seem to do anything.

@SashaClark was there anything else added / removed at the same time?

Looks like it’s just changed to out a 1000. They used to be stingy when it was out of 700.

Mine shows 5 month data

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Yep I had 5 months data too.

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Worth noting that this won’t count as a “newly opened account” since the account created date will be back dated to whenever you opened your account - it’s only the payment history which isn’t back dated.


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