Unable to exit flex flow without checking if eligible

Issue: I went into flex for more information but couldn’t get back without closing and reopening the app.

Details to reproduce: go into “introducing monzo flex” and try to leave without choosing “see if you’re eligible”.
OS: iOS 15.1.1
Device: iPhone 12 Pro Max
App Version: 4.9.0


Apologies if this has already been posted. I did try searching for it!

Hey @wizardfrag :wave:

Our team have this on their To Do List so as soon as we’ve got it sorted - we’ll make sure to update everyone :blush:

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This happens with the loan flow, too. You have to go all the way to choosing your loan before you get a “Close” option.

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Thanks @mikez :pray:

I’ll make sure the team are aware of the same issue. Updates available as soon as I have them.

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