Travelling with Monzo ✈️

I am off to Nepal :mountain: in just over 2 weeks, I will report the experience e.g. withdrawal charges, ATM availability

That explains why the list was so limited! Enjoy your travels and looking forward to your update

Off to the canary islands in a few weeks, any one used it in Gran Canaria/Tenerife/Madeira?

Ditto. 03/10/16 flying to Mexico with my monzo

How do I get Indonesia added to the directory? I am here for a while…Thanx!!!

Awesome thread @Naji! I’m excited to learn some more tips from the Monzo community. I started a new topic for Taiwan :grinning: Monzo in Taiwan

Just create a post ‘Monzo in Indonesia’ with your questions / feedback & Naji will pick it up :slight_smile:

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Generally no problem using the card in the US. Apart from the ATM in the hotel lobby which is one of those mag stripe models. Nice thing was that the app told me that’s why the transaction was declined - really helpful. My Curve card was also declined but they don’t tell you the reason - so I just didn’t use it again.

@Naji @tom I think some sort of wiki would be really useful at this point - the forum has been great this past year but it’s getting to the point some information (bug/travel reports) may be out of date due to better Monzo card support at retailers.

With a wiki at least there could be a go-to set of easily readable pages for traveling with Monzo, retailers where Monzo doesn’t work, etc.

What do you think?


Suksema!!!..Still waiting for my card but will be here then anyway when they get their “banking license”…:slight_smile:

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Just got my Monzo card! Travelling to Switzerland next weekend. Anyone used it there yet?

Any tips on travelling to India with Mondo?

Can you add Germany. I will be there for the Cologne Marathon in two weeks time, will be using my monzo card there

@Stevo255 @GraceB @sb300869 this post is a link to other user’s questions about travelling to each of the different countries.

So if you ask about ‘Monzo in Switzerland / India / Germany’ in a separate post, other users will share their tips with you & Naji will update this page with a link to your post :slight_smile:

Hey @alexbilbie,

I’m actually looking to make the ‘Known Issues/Bugs page’, easier to reference and update. We already have a sort of internal directory of this nature. Some of this may just require some housekeeping on our existing forum platform, other aspects will come into their own as we develop the new community page. Either way rest assured it’s something we’re working on and you should start to see the improvements soon :grinning:



Im living in Cologne at the moment and have used the card previously as a tourist. ATM’s work fine for getting cash out :slight_smile:

You’re more likely to get advice about traveling to Iceland if you post this question separately, as ‘Mondo in Iceland’ :thumbsup:

Thanks. Started a thread.

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@Naji Could you please add Portugal to the list?


Monzo in Colombia

Traveling there tomorrow. Any known issues there? Cheers!