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(Alex Sherwood) #45

This was posted Friday last week -

Sounds like it’ll be in the next release (fingers crossed!).

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(Alex Sherwood) #46

And now early access is available :tada:


(Julie Herskin) #47

Hi Phil,

I’m going to Sri Lanka in two weeks and would love to know if I can take money out with Monzo. Did you have problems getting money out / paying in shops?

And which banks let you take money out?

Thank yoooooou.



(Phil) #48

Hi Julie,

I used Mondo for pretty much everything in Sri Lanka for three weeks. Tips:

  • I used Commercial Bank ATMs with no problems (they’re blue and yellow)
  • ATMs have a daily limit of 40,000 rupees
  • Hotels and more sophisticated restaurants all took cards
  • Make sure you are being charged in the local currency, not GBP when you are paying for anything, otherwise you will be ripped off on the rate (this only happened to me once, but I knew immediately thanks to notifications and made them refund it and do it again!)
  • I topped up my Mondo card while I was there rather than before I went - all of our hotels had good enough wifi
  • Some hotels may ask for a credit card to hold a deposit on - most of the time Mondo works with this (just ignore the charge which will be refunded later) but sometimes I had to use a proper credit card for this purpose and then switch to Mondo to pay our bill later

That’s it - pretty easy to be honest. Sri Lanka is awesome - enjoy!


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Monzo in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 [Discussion]
(Alex Sherwood) #49

Great feedback, it’s a shame that this is going to be much more difficult to find for other users though, in this thread, rather than a separate Traveling With Monzo post ‘Monzo in Sri Lanka’. So it’s worth re-posting, if you have a chance…


(Phil) #50

You’re right, but I hope people will find it through search.

This info should also be in the travel info when you arrive in a country.


(Alex Sherwood) #51

Fair enough :wink: Sri Lanka - Mondo in Sri Lanka

I agree about the travel info too!


(CJ Montague) #52

On a recent holiday, this would have been a great feature as I had some standard spend in the UK which I didn’t want to be categorised as holiday spend. A nice simple feature with a purpose.



It would be great if you could block a certain amount as travel mommy so you don’t exceed it :slightly_smiling_face:


(Rika) #54

I wonder if setting a limit in the Targets feature temporarily in the Holidays and/or Cash category for the month would give you effectively that. It’s not a hard limit but Targets will warn you if you get near and lightly shame you for going over it! Any thoughts there, @hugo?


(Hugo Cornejo) #55

Yes, I think that targets + categories will give you exactly what you need. We’re going to start rolling it out really :soon:

Stay tuned :slight_smile:


(Jack Willis) #56

Any plans to be able to back date travel reports?


(Anna) #57

Apologies if this is in the wrong thread, but is there any where in particular we should be feeding back on the travel report beta? Haven’t seen any options in-app to give feedback :slight_smile: Thanks!

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(Alex Sherwood) #58

There’s this topic which is probably the slightly better option, as it’s focused on the reports following the release

If you mention any issues in the app’s support chat tool, they will pass them on too but it’s good to post it here so that other users can mention whether they’ve encountered the issue too.

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(Anna) #59

Ah thank you! That’s really helpful. I’ve mentioned it in-app so I’ll comment with my feedback on that post when I’ve got a mo :slight_smile:

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Preferred ATM’s is a brilliant feature, just been to Spain and Banc Sabadell wanted to charge €1.80 for a cash withdrawal (not very much in the grand scheme of things I know) whereas Cajamar was fee free, it would be so much easier if we knew in advance which ATM’s are fee free


Incorrect ATM Locations & Crowdsourcing ATM Locations
(Kate Thompson) #61

This may have already been mentioned but linking up the monzo community comments for that particular country would be great. These could be a top 10 that range from where to use monzo (which ATM’s, banks etc) to travel tips and great places to stay. I’ve found the community comments really helpful in planning my upcoming interrailing trip. I think a ‘would you like to turn on mag stripe’ notification for countries like Bulgaria etc where mag strip is more common would be great (if you don’t already have this).

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(Tom ) #62

I didn’t get a “Welcome to France” until 2 days in to my visit here. Normally - I would get that alert almost immediately when connecting to the internet and opening the app (or straight away if I had roaming turned on). However, the alert didn’t come this time until I made my first purchase.


(Edward Whishaw) #63

Worked well for me recently, although sadly only in the iOS app and not on Android …


(Alex Sherwood) #64

Yes this feature’s on the roadmap for Android.