Time for an ethical policy


I am nearly ready to switch completely, but still have Coop and Triodos accounts because they have Ethical Banking policies. Isn’t it time Monzo got one too?

I want to know that any money I have will not be used to support weapons and torture, cruelty, exploitation and slavery, corrupt regimes or other despicable things.

I know this is on a wish list for monzo and that it takes resources to research and implement, but previous discussion of this is now lost under old mondo links so it’s time to reopen the subject.

Couldn’t you start by adopting the policies of one of the other ethical banks as a starting point?

(Craig A Rodway) #2

“Our Ethics and Values”:

(Rika Raybould) #3

As above, https://monzo.com/ethics/ contains our current ethical policy. Because our only investment currently is back into customer overdrafts, it can be significantly shorter. :hot_coral_heart: