The Monzo App time-capsule wiki

I was recently reminded of some early screens from before Mondo Monzo was launched, and thought that it’d be nice to have a wiki to be able to look back on how the app has evolved over time!

So let’s put screenshots of the app at key moments when something changed below. I’m thinking things like first public release, first Android app, Summary introduction etc - or where there’s a significant UI change. Then we’ll have a record of evolution over time!

Let’s hide each entry under a fold to avoid taking up too much space, and start it YYYY-MM + Version number (if known). And maybe use :green_apple: or :android: to show which OS it’s from? To contribute, just tap the pencil icon at the bottom of this post and edit away!

(Monzonauts, join in - I’m sure you’ll have lots of interesting stuff in the vault!)

2015-05 - Pre-launch


2015-08 - Pre-launch

:green_apple: no hot coral in sight!


2016-09-29 - Android launch!



2017-11 - upgrade from prepaid