The Disaster Artist

So I watched this movie last night and it was excellent!

It’s the true story of how a pretty unique individual named Tommy Wiseau invested millions of dollars of his own money into making a movie called “The Room”, widely considered one of the worst movies ever made… So bad that it became a cult classic.

It’s a really funny and heartwarming tale, starring James Franco as Tommy Wiseau and Dave Franco as Tommy’s best friend and co-star, Greg Sestero (who wrote the book on which this film is based, detailing his experiences making the movie)

Definitely worth a watch, regardless of whether you’ve seen “The Room” or not!

Anyone else see it yet?


Seen it, liked it, just finished reading the book the film is based on, which I recommend of you’re a fan of The Room, The Disaster Artist or the whole debacle…

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Here’s a review of the film it’s based on that I particularly enjoyed:


Really enjoyed it. The end credits give me hope that a blu-ray extra is a shot for shot remake. It was astounding how closely they mirrored it.

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I haven’t seen The Room. Is it worth trying to track it down and watch it first?

I don’t think so. I think you might enjoy The Room more if you watch it after this film.


Sadly is not available in the UK yet :frowning:

On my wishlist though!

Or if you’re in London you can probably pick up a signed Blu-Ray/DVD at one of these events…

I picked up a signed one when Tommy appeared for a The Room screening last year…

Seen it the other day and loved it.

I remember watching The Room a few years ago and being absolutely fascinated by Tommy Wiseau. Apparently to this day people still don’t know how he made his money, how old he is or where he’s originally from :man_shrugging:

I Remember seeing The Room about 10 years ago when A.V Club (When they used to be good and owned by The Onion) done a feature. I have been to many of the screenings of The Room in the Prince Charles Theatre, it truly is an experience and I would recommended everyone go, its so worth it!
Sadly not seen The Disaster Artist yet, but will probably have to see it in the Prince Charles! Also there is a documentary that is coming that TW tried to get buried (

That he’s D.B. Cooper is my favourite theory

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Oh man, I hadn’t heard that one. That’s now my favourite too.

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero are doing screenings of The Room in London this week!!!