The Big Monzo Plus FAQ

a typo in an investors update?.. how does that not get picked up?

Probably because there’s one person writing it and no-one else cares!


And because everyone is screaming that they want every single feature delivered now:

Dark theme
Face unlock
Custom categories
Integrations with every financial provider going
Accounts for 3 year olds
Pot sorting
Tin cards
Biometric fingerprint cards
Any colour card but Hot Coral

I’m sure I’ve missed one :thinking:

Wonder when we’ll be getting another update? I know the weekly/bi-weekly updates were scrapped because people didn’t find them of much substance, but it has been quiet for a good while now so surely there must be some form of progress that can be reported on?


I’m getting the feeling they’re too busy developing it to report back how said development is going.

Not a bad thing if they launch it soon.

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Perhaps no update is the update? :exploding_head:


True… I’m looking forward to it!

I need travel insurance for a holiday later this year so I’m reluctant to buy it at the moment if the new Plus is what we all hope it’ll be cracked up to be

If the holiday is already booked, it’s advisable to buy insurance at the same time.


I’d echo that advice about the travel insurance. Get a cheap deal on a single trip for a few quid. If anything happens to your holiday plans before you go, you’re covered.


Good advice from both @Anarchist and @j06 - should anything happen to the carriers/travel companies :flight_arrival: prior to the holiday, you need to be covered.

Over eight weeks since the last ‘update’ (it was a post from @tomdavies saying Merry Christmas).

Nothing you can share in over eight weeks? Remember when Monzo admitted communication around Plus was poor? Then there were total non-updates about how cards are made or something, for the sake of having an update. Any chance of middle ground between the two? :grinning:


This. This is what we need.


Thanks @Anarchist @j06 & @davidwalton - the holiday itself is ATOL protected plus I paid for it on my credit card to get some form of Section 75 protection in the event things go wrong before I go, but considering how much a single travel insurance policy costs I may as well purchase one now to be on the safe side.

Thanks again :blush:

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You’re welcome.

Just to be clear, in addition to those protections (which not every traveler will have) travel insurance should protect you from events such as family member’s illness or accident, or your illness or accident, which might prevent you from travelling.


Good point, I completely forgot about things like that! Cheers for your help :grin:


Patiently waiting … :pleading_face:


I can’t imagine the Monzo Plus team will have forgotten about us. If there’s no news ready for public release, there’s no news.

Stay strong, Monzo. Don’t start publishing nonsense updates about whether it should be called “Plus” or “plus” just to fill the airtime.


Or +.

Coming :soon:.

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Blomfield said Monzo planned to relaunch the paid-for accounts in the first quarter of this year, implementing lessons learned from complaints following its botched attempt in 2019.


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Yes, they’ve said by April before so that’s not new info