The big guide to interest

For our latest How Money Works post, the brilliant Peggy has put together a comprehensive guide covering almost everything you need to know about interest.

And as always, please let us know if you’ve found this useful and what you think we should cover next! :smile:


That was … interesting. Geddit? Geddit?


Anyway, there was mention about the Bank of England and banks lending to/borrowing from them. I’d quite like it if this was expanded upon, essentially an explanation of how a bank operates/makes money I guess, but it might be worthy of its own article?


Thanks for this.
It’s a really useful guide and answered a few questions for me.

Monzo may well become my portal for finance guides as well as money.

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Interesting… Any idea when the Monzo pots will start earning interest?

I’ve been seeing and hearing about it for months but not able to start earning yet. :smiley:


You might wanna check this;

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Definitely should’ve been the interesting guide to interest :joy:

Looks like a nice post! Looking forward to reading it in depth :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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