TestFlight Release Discussion


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EDIT : too slow :frowning:

Deliberately short with the notes :eyes:

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I need to stop getting excited by these updates :see_no_evil:

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No test notes… rather lazy one that :laughing:

Hence ill wait till i get home to download

I’m guessing it’s an emergency security bug fix given the timing and lack of notes.


Or just emergency bug fix

They used to be exciting and good in the early days :frowning: Then they started feature-flagging everything and hiding it :cry:

Even more so the reason to put in notes then… to use my comment as an example.

If told in the notes this is a really important bugfix then ill download it as soon as i realise… if i see “no test notes” ill wait.

Also fact its a testflight release and not a normal release makes me think its not an important bug fix

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They didn’t get the notes attached in time. It’s not a big deal is it?


Yeah I don’t see it as a big deal at all. I’m going to keep it up to date whenever regardless, and just happy to be a part of the beta testing. Happy with the app as it is - although still doesn’t stop me from eagerly opening the update as if it’s Christmas :joy:

No of course its not a big deal unless its a major security bug fix (which i doubt).

EDIT: Also just noticed youre no longer coral crew emma? by choice orrrr?

Yes by choice :joy:


Those notes are speaking directly to @Paulw


I have a dream

One day the release notes will say “no bug fixes this week”

One day…

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another tease :laughing:

I can barely contain myself

Is :clap: it :clap: Monzo :clap: Plus :clap: V3 :soon:

(Not as excited as the emoji would suggest, just hoping that one day we may have an update as a middle ground between weekly updates on nothing and complete radio silence)


Another with no test notes, that’s great.

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