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Issue: I cannot update my tax residency. I wanted to change it from Ukraine to The United Kingdom. But it always says that I’m a United States resident, while I never selected it. And I cannot remove it. It always says that this is required.

Details to reproduce: Log in to Monzo plus → click on your photo (upper left corner)-> click on you name → tax residency → add or remove countries.
Act: despite your selection it always says that United States requires and you need to fill in it’s number.
Exp: as a user I want to be able to remove it, and fill in the option that I selected. I never was a United States residence
OS: 17.3.1
Device: iPhone 15 pro
App Version: 5.70.1


@AlanDoe this is the 2nd report of this :eyes: Is this an underlying bug, can this be raised internally?


When you enter the “tax residency” screen, you have to state whether you are (or ever have been) a US citizen. Anyone who has been a US citizen is required by US law to pay US taxes, even if they no longer live in the USA. So by pressing “Yes” to the “Are you a US citizen” question, US tax residency is set and is unable to be removed.

I don’t want to mess up my Monzo profile by testing, but it appears that once you say you are a US citizen, you can’t remove this from your profile, (which locks in the US tax residency), which would make sense as it means you can’t break US laws by self-declaring you are not a US citizen anymore.

(This is just my understanding of the situation. I do not work for Monzo).

As I said before, I’m not a US resident, and I never selected it. It was automatically set, even when I was selecting that I’m not a US resident.
I’m working in the UK, and I wanted to update my profile with the correct statement.

Plus, I did not confirm it, and as you can see from my screenshots - US residents stay there. And I cannot remove or add anything else.
I want to have my profile corrected.

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I believe it’s locked for editing deliberately for the reasons above, and you’ll need to speak to customer support to change it.

**Issue: I was trying to update my tax residency but doing that I found that I couldn’t remove the USA for tax residency and I don’t know why it’s there, I’ve never been a US tax resident, just in the Uk
In the app, when I’m supposed to select and remove the country I’m a tax resident in, next to the US it is said “Required” … ?

Thanks for your help

Details to reproduce:
**Device:Iphone SE
App Version:


What did support say when you asked?


Are you a US citizen, or US permanent resident, or partner of one?

I have the same issue.
Did you manage to get support for it? I sent the email, and no reply. Did they fix it? Or were you able to correct it?

@AlanDoe can we get this merged with the other thread too?

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