Summary page in a weekly view

I would love to see the ability to filter the summary page weekly. Not sure if it’s just me but I top up on a weekly basis rather than monthly. Due to this it would be useful to see my summary in a weekly format.

Anyone else top up weekly?

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Currently no but I can see how it may benefit people who get paid weekly :slight_smile:
There is more flexibility coming in the future regarding this.

Salary paid straight in or bank transfer for me, top ups cost Monzo way to much money :-1:


Yes!! I’ve just a monzo card for budgeting but all my calculations are weekly so the monthly budgeting isn’t much use for me, hope this is changed soon

Thre 100% needs to be an option for weekly summary view. I get paid every 4 weeks. So when I look back to see how much I have spent on groceries for example, I am constantly flicking between the calendar and the Monzo app to see where the start and finish of the week is so I can see how much I have spent per week.

A drop down box at the top that lists all the categories or retailers that filters them out along with the weekly breakdown would be perfect.

+1 for weekly pay here. Needs to be added yesterday!