Stock market crash in progress?

Looking at futures it appears the London Stock Exchange could be set up for one of the biggest daily drops in history today - close to 10% in the red at open :scream:

Post your reactions here!

Ps. Biggest daily drops in FTSE 100 history according to the FT:



Get buying immediately!

If your meaning due to Covid-19 then today won’t be the day it gets into top 10.
When deaths are higher and number infected with restrictions on movement then maybe.

Timing is key. Is today the real day to buy in a downward market?


My instinct is the same. However - look at the dates of the top 2 falls of all time in the chart!

Falling knives are dangerous.

My best advice from 20 years in the markets is… do not sell due to fear, keep adding in accordance with long term plan and you will be rewarded.

(Unless it’s the end of the world, then you lose whether you sell or hold)</tin hat>)


you are braver than me …:slight_smile:

Yep, true. Anyone who uses all their powder today is taking a big risk.

On the other hand, there may be opportunities today. I sold some positions out a few weeks ago, anticipating further falls. Today might be time for me to get back in - even if they then drop further, I will have still got more shares for the same money. And long term would still gain.

But I’ll definitely not be going on a buying spree, and keeping a healthy cash reserve in anticipation of further drops. I fully expect to end up missing the absolutely bottom (most do), but would aim to be catching at least near the bottom or before it’s climbing up too much again (though with the latter, there’s always the dead cat bounce risk).

tl;dr, investing is tricky, timing is impossible, looking at the long term is best even if the short term suffers some.

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I don’t think we are anywhere near the bottom , personally Im out for at least a couple of months , this virus hasn’t even started in the UK but the hysteria has and will affect companies bottom lines all around the world, markets will react driven by this sentiment …we aint seen nothing yet - my personal opinion :man_shrugging:

crikey S and P 500 ETF down 11% as I type then 6% down , its very very volatile …pick up a bargain lol


It’s going to be a scary few months, that’s for sure. And I think it will get worse before it get’s, well, better? Perhaps?

Watching my (very small) investments dropping daily is a bit scary, but I hope to see that reverse long term and start to climb. Helps me practice keeping my nerves calm anyway :slight_smile:

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Yup, bouncing up and down. I’ve made one purchase today which was -10% when I bought and is now -8%. May go back down, but the key thing for me was I had set a target price for that one, so even if it does go down a bit more I’m not going to kick myself too much - rational purchase (not impulse) and one for the long term.

I suspect I’m looking at a longer long term than you are (that is, I believe you’re older than me), and that if I were looking at a shorter term then I would be as cautious if not more so than you.

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Im almost into the buying annuity age stage lol but to wake up and see market prices with this movement at 8.40 in the morning as the markets open (top three are the only ones being traded atm) on a monday morning - you might as well go down the bookies and back a few horses for all anybody knows


Last week I started my transfer out of pensionbee to Vanguard (as cheaper fees) and the transfer has been completed now I am wait8ing for the automated process to buy the shares how ever long that takes so this down turn mat we’ll be good in the long run :wink:

This is the time to buy.

Only if you’re sure you’re buying the bottom

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Time IN the market beats timing the market any time.

I just see it as a 10% off sale compared to what I previously bought.

Noobs panic, those with long term plans arent spooked by sudden drops.

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Tempted to buy some more Apple Stock, picked up some last week when they got low last week, tempted to go again today at open and see if I can get cheap again.

Long term they will make me money, so sit on them and leave them be

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Don’t - I don’t think it’s at the bottom yet… next Q results will be a trainwreck, and the rest of the new product programme is going to be completely off for the rest of the year - timing of the new iPhone 12 will be called into question reasonably soon too.

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Still less risky to cost average on the way down for buy and hold, though you won’t make as much. Anyone know when this will bottom out?

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Anyone who knows when this will bottom out would be well advised to keep quiet, start selling, and then buy at the appropriate time.

If they say they know, they don’t. :shushing_face: