Starling charging for deposits

Starling have become the first UK bank to charge interest on an account, albeit only on Euro account balances over €50,000.

This is Money: Starling becomes the first British bank to charge customers interest on savings.

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It’s a little overhyped. The charge is only for balances above 50k. bunq has charged on balances above 100k for a long time already.

I suspect a small number of customers were depositing up to the FSCS protection limit and costing Starling a disproportionate amount of money


It’s clickbait. They’ve only brought the Euro account in line what the ECB set ages ago (negative interest rates). In fact, they are still taking the hit on Euro accounts with less than €50,000 in them.


So probably over 99% of their euro accounts


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And how many Starling customers hold more than €50k ?

I have no idea but as I said probably 99% of their euro accounts are under 50k

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The article mentions 1%…

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It’s a Daily Mail site, stands to reason…:wink:

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