Spending Chart Readability

The new spending chart is a great feature, but could use a bit of improvement in readability. Here are my points on this issue:

  • No Zero - the minimalist aesthetic is beautiful but not having a readable zero line makes it very difficult to read the chart. One way to include this would be a gradient inversion line aka lighter navy to dark to light. You’ve already used this to add mass to the chart area and it works well

  • No Scale - again, the wide audience range necessitates clean, simple interaction but the lack of scale forces users to try to infer their spending amounts or side-scroll instead of just looking at the chart. I’m sure there is a beautiful minimalist solution to this

Great app overall, and I’m a huge Monzo supporter. Looking forward to seeing the developer package once its out.


for these reasons alone I would gladly turn off the chart if that option was available

Thanks a lot @CawleyB for sharing your concerns, that’s exactly how we improve things :muscle:

The “zero” question is going to be fixed once we release current accounts, specially when you dip in your overdraft you’ll see a very clear line between positive and negative balances.

The scale issue is a bit trickier. Maybe we can show it while it loads and when you scroll and then fade it out so it doesn’t bring more noise? Let us think about it :slight_smile:

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