Setup everything today. Well worth it in my opinion, gives films and TV shows a whole new dimension!


If you’re even 10% audiophile, avoid it like the plague.

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Some new products from Sonos

Sonos Move: This contains a few firsts for Sonos. It’s their first portable speaker, their first speaker with bluetooth support, and their first speaker with automatic tuning à la Apple HomePod and Google Home Max.

Sonos One SL: Basically the existing Sonos One without the voice assistant.

Sonos Port: Replacement for Sonos Connect. I think the main enhancement over the Connect may be the inclusion of Airplay 2 support.

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I was so excited for a portable Sonos… But $400!

Not sure about much in this generation, possibly in the market for a new sonos for an Audio Pair.

Have you seen the IKEA + Sonos partnership with the Symfsonik range?

Yeah, quite pricey even for Sonos.

Haven’t seen the Ikea speakers in person yet but like the the look of them from write-ups I’ve read.

I really fancy one of the Symfonisk lamps for my bedside table. I might even have a spare Hue bulb lying around somewhere to make it doubly smart!

Have no real excuse for the other one as we have a Sonos device in just about every room of the house already!

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I was looking at getting two of the Bookshelf speakers to pair with my Beam for that Sonos 5.something.

Sadly they are way bigger than I thought they were - like close to twice the height of the Sonos Play:1 and just a tiny bit thinner.

Curious about the SL - though the only difference I can see is lacking Voice Assistant for £10 less… And the Move seems interesting for some applications… But close to £400! Yikes.

An update a few months later I am still in love. The sound quality is unmatched for that budget IMO plus the fact I can swap out between Alexa and the Google Assistant at will is nice as it allowed me to see which I preferred.

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I think for a plug in a play smart speaker the sound quality at that price is great. Sure you could get an amp and bookshelf speakers with better sound but you would loose the ease of use/convenience

Agreed but that’s quite different to what was said. (Is a standard amp and passive speakers not also plug and play?)

Fair Point! :slight_smile: