Setup everything today. Well worth it in my opinion, gives films and TV shows a whole new dimension!


If you’re even 10% audiophile, avoid it like the plague.

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Some new products from Sonos

Sonos Move: This contains a few firsts for Sonos. It’s their first portable speaker, their first speaker with bluetooth support, and their first speaker with automatic tuning à la Apple HomePod and Google Home Max.

Sonos One SL: Basically the existing Sonos One without the voice assistant.

Sonos Port: Replacement for Sonos Connect. I think the main enhancement over the Connect may be the inclusion of Airplay 2 support.

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I was so excited for a portable Sonos… But $400!

Not sure about much in this generation, possibly in the market for a new sonos for an Audio Pair.

Have you seen the IKEA + Sonos partnership with the Symfsonik range?

Yeah, quite pricey even for Sonos.

Haven’t seen the Ikea speakers in person yet but like the the look of them from write-ups I’ve read.

I really fancy one of the Symfonisk lamps for my bedside table. I might even have a spare Hue bulb lying around somewhere to make it doubly smart!

Have no real excuse for the other one as we have a Sonos device in just about every room of the house already!