Sneak Peek : Targets on Android!

(Liam Newman) #41

This is something I’d need!!! Would a prompt come up or something when you go over?

(Wayne Simpson) #42

thats why I do both, attached to different accounts

(Is Santa here yet?) #43

There are YouTube videos explaining it

(Jack Donovan) #44

Haha I know. Its just the article I posted explains why budgeting is much better than forecasting🤣

It’s personal opinion at the end of the day

(Is Santa here yet?) #45

Totally. I like the idea but it’s not for me at the minute. The videos are easier to get the general idea before anyone forks out money for it

(Jack Donovan) #46

There’s always the 30 day trial :yum:


I’ve never had targets native to my banking, so I’ve set them up to see how it goes.

I have had an excel spreadsheet for 7 or 8 years which has altered slightly a couple of times. current one has been running since April 2015.

I’m on columns FU - FY :joy:


That was the best! And I could split any deposit or payment into multiple categories, and amalgamate two accounts into one to see transactions combined and the combination total. It was devastating when they ended support for the product. I had entered every single card transaction, cheque, cash withdrawal, SCT, SWIFT, FPS, BACS, etc every day for many years and I knew my budget to the penny, it really helped me keep a tight rein on my expenditure.

(Jack Donovan) #49

I honestly never used it, but I know a lot of people turned to YNAB as an alternative… Not sure if it lives up to MS Money. But I really can imagine that it was devistating. I’d seriously be lost without YNAB. I might even turn in to a developer if it ever got discontinued and create my own :joy:

Why did they ever stop it? Seems it was so popular :S


I think they bought up another company or something as they suddenly started recommending a product from another company.

(Jack Donovan) #51

Have you looked at quicken? I know that’s another popular alternative


I just gave up budgeting the day Microsoft Money died :wink: The day support officially ended I went to the pub and drank to the loss of my dear (virtual) companion, and never bothered budgeting again with as much detail. Just kept a rough Excel spreadsheet, and now stopped that and just stick my income into Goals/Pots to ringfence it from being spent.

(Jack Donovan) #53

I feel like the day I have to give up budgeting is the day I learn what anxiety and depression really feel like.

How the hell did you just stop? I would be lost

Did you actually drink to that? I love it


I have suffered from depression all life long since I was 4 or 5, so it made little difference to me!


I have drunken to many a thing, the spirit of an animal dead by the road and their family they leave behind, to the dreadful referendum result, to the demolition of the Berlin wall, to dead relatives on their birthday, to a new home, when I get made redundant, when I get a new job, I don’t need much excuse to raise a glass or make a libation to the gods!


Targets are appearing on Android Summary page -

Click the

Labs Feedback: Summary 📊
(Daniel) #57

Woohoo! iOS too!!

(Bradley) #58

I’m liking the seamless integration of targets with the spending summary… Not to mention the fact that it’s on Android!!!

(Wayne Simpson) #59

My life is complete

(Simon B) #60

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