Shared costs and spending targets synergy

Currently the monthly spending displayed is simply the outgoing payments from your Monzo account and does not take into account that a fraction of some of these payments may have been split with others. This is currently resulting in Targets being reached much sooner than they would be if the amount of payment split was taken into account.

I think that when using to split costs, instead of the incoming payment being considered equivalent to a top up, it should be deducted from the cost that was split.

This achieves two purposes:

The home screen becomes less cluttered - instead of having the outgoing total payment then lots of incoming payments for the spilt costs, there is simply the net outgoing. Perhaps the payment details could have a summary of who the cost was split with (similar to how Uber’s fare split is displayed).

Secondly, the spending targets can then take into account this net payment, instead of the initial larger outgoing payment, resulting in more accurate monthly spending being displayed and thus targets being used more effectively.

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