Share account details ASCII bug

Issue: If I go to share my account details from my account card at the top of the home page and choose to copy them, it includes the ASCII code in the output, as opposed to stripping it out.

Details to reproduce: From the account card on the Home Screen, share your account details and choose to copy to clipboard. Paste them somewhere to see the ASCII characters in place of things like hyphens, colons, and spaces
OS: iOS 17.3
Device: iPhone 15 Pro
App Version: 5.67.0



I can’t reproduce this on 5.68.0 on testflight so either it’s fixed in that version or doesn’t always happen. I’m on ios version 17.4.1.

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Oh. Interesting. I reproduced it on my personal account. Tried joint before.

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Bit more testing. It does seem as if it can be reproduced on both accounts. Earlier I was pasting it into a browser which understood the ascii code and parsed it.

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